10 of the Most Relatable Tweets as a Student

As a student, Twitter is always the go-to for a good old laugh. I mean, half of our DMs are just sending memes to out besties...

We’ve found some of the most relatable tweets for students, so you can put your scrolling to good use.

1. Cramming

Who needs 2 months when you can do it at 3am on a Monday morning anyway?

2. Empty bottles

Seriously, who are these guys?!

3. Napping

It’s all about the daytime napping at uni. Tired? Nap. Hungry? Nap. 11,000 word essay to do? Nap.

4. Pre-drinks

Pre-drinks are life 🍻

5. Forget your friends from home

At least we're all on the same page though, right?

6. Halls vs student house

Why did no one tell us to skip the halls and go straight to a student house?!

7. CTRL + S

Save. Back up. Print. Save. Back up. Print. Save. Back up. Print.

8. Proud mum

She's so happy though! 

9. Pasta

Did you even go to uni if you don’t know every possible pasta combo? 🍝

10. Adulting sucks

Enjoy the student problems whilst you can, cos seriously what are you going to blame when you have to actually adult?!

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