Accommodation for Sheffield Hallam Students

Sheffield Hallam University is one of Sheffield’s two big Universities and sees thousands of new students move into the city every year.

As with any large city with more than one Uni there are areas that are predominantly residential for each institution.

In Sheffield these areas aren’t exclusively for Uni – in this case Sheffield Hallam- but they are usually nearby to local campuses or transit points that allow easy access to the University’s campuses.

Such areas include the Bramall Lane area – near Sheffield United’s football stadium – where there are a lot or student properties and private halls of residence.

Another typically SHU area is Ecclesall Road, which is situated right next to Collegiate Campus and has a thriving nightlife that is popular with all of Sheffield, not just the student population. Both of these areas are within walking distance of their nearest campus, meaning that you can save money on travel costs and spend more on books!

City Road and the areas around Norfolk Park is also popular for Sheffield Hallam accommodation even though it usually requires a bus to get back into the city. Many students are drawn to City Road due to its good transit links and the fact that student housing is often cheaper than places in the City Centre.

If you are coming to Sheffield as a Sheffield Hallam student it is well worth looking first in these places for popular Sheffield Hallam accommodation. Although the city is well mixed, living around people who are also at Sheffield Hallam will give you valuable insight and support into how to get around.

This is especially true if you are a first year with no experience of the City, as you are likely to find yourself placed in a house with other Hallam students who will either have a good knowledge if they are second/third years or will be able to work out where to go with you.

Sheffield Hallam Accommodation Services is a valuable resource for city guides and maps around the campus to help you find your way if you are a first year, or even find that small lecture hall that you’ve never heard of if you’ve no idea where to start.

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