The Best Student Areas in Your City

If you’ve recently moved to a brand new city to start your university adventure or you’re just looking for a different area to live next year, our guide to the best student areas in Leeds and Sheffield will help you find the perfect all-inclusive property for your group.


This city holds four universities and is home to just under 60,000 students. Leeds is a bustling city to spend your university years and many love it that much they never leave! If the city is good enough for Keith Lemon and the Kaiser Chiefs to call it home, then we’re positive you’ll enjoy Leeds just as


If you’ve grown close to a big bunch of mates over your fresher’s year then Headingley would be ideal for next year’s all-inclusive home.

Headingley is located slightly out of the City Centre, allowing for larger and more spacious houses, making this a top pick for larger groups who seek a higher number of bedrooms. The Headingly Campus of Leeds Beckett University is on your doorstep and the various bars, pubs and restaurants in the area, means it’s perfect to either escape the madness of your large house or socialise at the weekend without needing to venture too far.

Hyde Park

If you’re looking for a quality student home to spend the next academic year in then Hyde Park is the place to be!

Demand for this affluent area is high and so can be reflected in the prices, however with The University of Leeds just a 15-minute walk away we feel this is worth it. The local take-aways and restaurants at Hyde Park Corner cater specifically for students, again making this area one of the most sort after in Leeds. Cafes, pubs and shops will keep you entertained at the weekend, and the area is only 20 minutes away from the City Centre by bus. Due to its popularity, you’ll need to be fast off the mark when booking viewings and getting your deposit down, so make sure you check back at on 1st November when the hundreds of houses are released onto the site!


Woodhouse is popular amongst students for being the closest surrounding area to the City Centre. Although we admit this isn’t the prettiest of places, the location and price, however, leaves you with more money in your pocket for student nights out, which can only be a bonus! You can roll out of bed and be at your morning lecture at the University of Leeds in an approximately 10 minutes walk. The area has it’s own fair share of pubs and cafes and you can stroll to the city centre in under 20 minutes.


University life in Sheffield is vibrant, lively and very hilly! The city is famous for incredible talent including Arctic Monkeys, The Human League and Def Leppard, so there’s no wonder there’s also a brilliant music scene with everything from live bands to famous club nights and world-renowned acts at Sheffield Arena. By the time your university years are over, we’re sure you’ll have fallen in love with the city and have defined calf muscles that even Arnold Schwarzenegger will be jealous of!


Broomhall is the perfect place for student groups who are based at different campuses, given its ideal location between both the Collegiate (10 minute walk) and City (20 minute walk) campuses of Sheffield Hallam.

Situated close to both the city centre and Hallamshire Hospital, Broomhall is also a good option for anyone undertaking a placement year – or for those prone to an A&E visit after a night out! Broomhall is also home to 23 listed buildings, so it’s a must for History students looking to take in some of the culture.


The homely suburb of Broomhill is popular with University of Sheffield students seeking a lively weekend atmosphere with many shops, takeaways restaurants and pubs.

The area is renowned for late-night openings and even has a curry house open until 4am on weekends! Broomhill is also the home to several University sports centres so you won’t have far to walk home after an exhausting training session. The area is also just a short walk into the city centre, and therefore perfect for those spontaneous nights out!

Norfolk Park

Just behind the grade II listed building of Park Hill, is the suburban area of Norfolk Park, which is popular with students and families alike.

It is one of the most historic areas of Sheffield and is only 10 minutes away for Sheffield Hallam students. As the name implies, you’ll be just next door to Norfolk Heritage Park, which is 30 hectares of nature to escape to when the city gets too much. Tip: Be careful not to venture to far up City Road and away from the city centre or you’ll have one hell of a hill to walk up to get back home!


Given Sheffield is situated on “seven hills”, (although we’re positive there are more than that!) then it’s only right that there’s a student area situated right at the top of the tallest one! Crookes can be quite challenging to walk to from the City Centre, but the homely welcome you’ll receive from everyone in the area will be worth it. Crookes is close to both Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield, therefore is popular for all students within the city so you’ll be sure to make a big group of mates.

Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is perfect for sociable groups looking for a vibrant area, which is close to the City Centre and is the place to be for both student pubs and classy cocktail bars and high-end restaurants.

The lovely Ecclesall park can be found at the end of Ecclesall Road, which hosts several events throughout the year and the area has direct route into the peaks so there is always something to do! The affectionately named ‘Eccy Road’ is also the host to Sheffield Hallam’s Collegiate Campus so it’s ideal to roll out of bed, grab a Costa and be at your lecture within 15 minutes!

Once you’ve found the perfect bunch of mates to live with next year and settled on an area in your university city, it’s time to eagerly anticipate the all-inclusive UniHomes being released on 1st November!

All our homes include gas, electric, water, internet and TV licence so you don’t have the hassle of chasing up your housemates who haven’t paid their fair share. For one monthly payment, we take care of all your household bills, leaving you more time to concentrate on your further education and the brilliant social side of university!

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