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Why advertise with UniHomes?

After extensive research, we identified that students don't want the hassle of managing and splitting utility bills between housemates. In light of this, UniHomes was created to provide a platform for landlords and agents to advertise their portfolios on. Every property featured on UniHomes includes bills.

We cater for the whole market. If you are a landlord or agent who has previously advertised on a rent only basis then UniHomes has a solution for you. Similarly, if you currently manage your own utility bills, UniHomes is the perfect way to advertise your portfolio and generate the maximum number of enquiries.


How does it work?

Whether you include bills in your rent or not, UniHomes has the solution to ensure your property is let quickly and efficiently.

If you offer bills inclusive rent, then we offer a simple advertising structure, where you can market a property from as little as £15 per month.

Do you advertise as rent only? No problem, UniHomes will add a competitive 'mark-up' to your rental prices, manage and collect direct debits for the utilities directly from the tenants. We'll manage your properties as all-inclusive to ensure you receive the maximum number of enquiries possible. We just need your help at the point of sign-up and then we will handle the rest!


How do I advertise my property portfolio on UniHomes?

It's simple! You'll need to create a landlord account, then begin adding properties to your UniHomes portfolio.

Once you've added the properties you'd like to advertise, simply select them all from the Landlords Dashboard, click 'pay' towards the bottom of the page and follow the checkout process.

We told you it was simple!


How much does it cost to advertise on UniHomes?

We've kept things simple, with advertising costs from as little as £15 + VAT per month. Our standard advertising durations are 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

There is no minimum contract, so you are in control of how long you want to market your properties for.



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