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It couldn't be easier. Start your search by selecting your city and select the number of bedrooms you require. The search results will then display homes relevant to you.

If you want to view results more specific to your requirements, you can filter the results further using the options at the top of the page.

Click 'View Home' on a property you are interested in to view more detailed information and Click 'Book Viewing' to send an enquiry directly to the landlord or agent.
Once you have started your search, you can refine and filter the results by selecting your University, a specific area, price range and type of property.
All properties on our website will state the properties availability start date and end date on the property listing. The majority of the tenancy’s start between 1st July – 1st September and so tenancy lengths can vary.
It couldn't be easier to book a viewing!

Search through the wide range of student accommodation available and send requests to book viewings on the homes you are interested in. You can do this by sending an enquiry directly to the landlord or agent of each property. The easiest way to do this is to click the orange 'Book Viewing' button on a property listing and filling out the contact form with your details.

There is no limit on the number of enquiries you can make, so go ahead and get booking!

Once you have made your enquiry to the landlord or agent, you will usually receive a response within 24 hours from when the request was sent. If you do not receive a response, please let us know and we would be happy to look into this for you.
If you want more information on the property or have specific questions, simply click the 'Book Viewing' button on the listing and fill in the contact form with your details. In the comments section of the contact form, you can ask for any additional information that you require.

You should receive a response directly from the landlord or agent of the property within 24 hours.
The heart icons, when clicked, allow you to shortlist your favourite homes. Once you are happy with your choices, head to the shortlist area and benefit from the 'bulk' enquiry feature available at your fingertips!

To do this, simply click the 'Book a viewing with all' button at the bottom of the page to send an enquiry simultaneously to every landlord or agent on your list.
We encourage landlord and agents to remove their properties as soon as they become unavailable, so all properties shown on UniHomes should be available. However, it's best to check the availability when sending an enquiry to the landlord or agent, as occasionally a property advertised may have just been snapped up!
UniHomes is constantly updated with new student properties every day! We recommend you visit UniHomes on a regular basis during the search for your new home, as your dream home may appear live at any time!

You can also keep upto date with us on all social media platforms to be the first to hear of new properties being made live!
Unfortunately, this means that we have no live properties in your location. Keep visiting UniHomes as we continue to launch into new cities, yours may be just around the corner!
A deposit is a refundable sum of money paid directly to the landlord or agent to secure the property. There are various rules and regulations a landlord or agency must adhere to in relation to deposits, so your money remains safe throughout your tenancy!

If you have any specific questions relating to deposits, it's normally best to contact the landlord or agent.
Each property is advertised per person per week inclusive of gas, electricity, water, internet and a TV Licence.
Yes! you can select as many properties as you like from your shortlist and click the 'Book a viewing with all' button at the bottom of the page. This will then send your enquiry to the landlord or agent of each property in your shortlist in one swoop!
To make things easy for you we have added small ‘heart icons’ to each property listing and on the search results so you can simply add them to your shortlist.

One of the great things about this feature, is that once you have finished your list, you can send multiple enquiries for many different properties in one click by clicking 'Book viewings with all'.
Yes, you can select as many properties as you like from your comparison list, and click the 'contact all' button at the bottom of the page. This will then send an enquiry to every property in your compare list in one go.
As many as you like!
Simply click the red heart again to remove the listing!
Once you have found a property you are wanting to enquire about, navigate to the 'Book Viewing' button within the individual property listing. You can then send an enquiry directly to the landlord or agent.

You should receive a response within 24 hours. If you don't receive a response, please let us know and we will look into this for you!
Yes, it's very easy. Begin by adding properties to the shortlist by clicking the heart on the search results or property listings. Once you are happy with your selections click the 'Book a viewing with all' button at the bottom of the page to send an enquiry simultaneously to every landlord or agent on your list.
After you have provided your name, contact number and email address, there is a message box to ask any questions about the property you may have. We recommend providing both your contact number and email to give the agent or landlord the best opportunity to get back in touch with you swiftly.

If you are requesting a viewing, it's probably a good idea to suggest some days and times that you and your group are available. Providing as much information as possible will make sure the landlord or agent can deal with your enquiry as efficiently as possible.
Once you have made an enquiry through UniHomes, you will receive a confirmation text and email. The landlord or agent of that property will then usually respond within 24 hours to arrange the viewing with you or answer any questions you may have.

If you do not receive a response back, please let us know as we would be more than happy to chase this up for you!
The properties advertised on UniHomes are to be rented to a full group of students rather than individual tenants. For example, some landlords or letting agents will only accept a group of 5 students for a 5 bedroom property. If your group is smaller than the property you are interested in, we would recommend refining your search to only show properties that match your group size.
If more than 24 hours have passed since you made your enquiry, please just let us know by calling us on 0330 822 0266 or email [email protected] and we can look into this for you.
There are plenty of student properties available so it's important you sign for the best one for you.

It's a good idea to look at the advantages and disadvantages for each property as well as speaking with friends and family to get their opinions to ensure you're making the right decision! Remember, although the more desirable student homes tend to get filled earlier, you can view as many properties as you want until you find the right one for you.
Once you have found your new home, speak with the landlord or agent and arrange for the paperwork to be completed. In order for us to take car of your bills, your landlord or agent will ask you to complete a Utility Order Form.

If you have any questions in relation to our utility service, please get in touch with us directly.
If you have signed up with UniHomes, you can sit back and relax. We’ll be working in the background to make sure all your utilities will be set up for your tenancy start date.

You will receive your welcome email shortly after you’ve signed for your property but if you have any questions at all before you move in, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.
All properties on UniHomes are inclusive of utility bills, therefore your bills are managed on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on the more important things whilst you're at university!

It's simple! We collect a monthly Direct Debit from each tenant for their equal share, and we ensure that your gas, electricity, water, internet and TV licence are in place for your contract start date.
You can sit back and relax. You’ll receive a couple of emails before your tenancy start date to set up your Direct Debit and confirm some account details, other than that you won’t need to worry about setting anything else up.
Sit back and relax after all the unpacking! Everything will be in place for when you move into the property. All you need to do is send us the meter readings for both gas and electricity to [email protected] when you move in and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.
You don’t need to contact any suppliers, if your utilities start on your tenancy start date, we’ll take care of all of that for you so that everything is in place for when you move in.
If you have any maintenance issues with the property itself you will have to contact your landlord/agent directly. UniHomes is only responsible for managing your utilities.
This shouldn’t be anything to worry about. If you have received a letter through from a utility supplier, please just email over a picture of the correspondence that you’ve received so we can look into this for you.
As your utilities will be set up in the name of UniHomes, we are unable to provide you with any utility bills as proof of address.

It might be worth contacting your landlord or agent for a copy of your tenancy agreement which could be used a evidence.
We don’t currently include contents insurance within our utility package. This will have to be taken out separately if it’s something you require.
As students, you will usually be exempt from paying any council tax.
If you need to change your contact details, please just email in to [email protected] stating your property address and your new contact details so that we can make the changes on your account.
You must also inform your landlord or agent. If a replacement tenant has already been found, please email [email protected] with their name and email address, we will then issue an online form for them to complete in order to remove you off the account. If you haven't yet been replaced, you are still liable for your share of the utilities.
We’re sorry to hear you’re wanting to cancel. If for any reason you wish to cancel your account with UniHomes, please email [email protected] in order for us to advise further.
You will be sent a link via email to set this up, if someone is paying on your behalf you can forward this email on to them. If you haven’t received this email, please just let us know.
There’s no need to get in touch, if you’ve followed the unique link in the email that we’ve sent out, this will automatically get assigned to your account under your name. If there are any issues, we will get in touch.
Your direct debit covers all your utilities at your property, and rent payments are made separately to your landlord or agent.
This will be your weekly price, divided by 7 days, which gives you your daily cost, multiplied by 365(6) days and divided by 12 months. There are not exactly 4 weeks in a month which is why it is calculated accurately this way.
Payments are collected by monthly Direct Debit, the first payment will be collected on your contract start date, all further payment will be collected on the first working day of each month which falls on or just after the 1st of each month.
Unfortunately, it isn't currently possible to pay quarterly or choose a different day of the month.
If you need to change the bank account that your monthly Direct Debit is taken from, please just contact us by either emailing in to [email protected] or give us a call on 0330 822 0266 so we can get this amended for you.
If you are struggling to make a payment, please let us know with as much notice as possible. Any failed/bounced/late Direct Debit collections are subject to a £12 late payment fee.
Unfortunately, our system is only able to accept Direct Debit’s from UK bank accounts. You can ask someone else with a UK bank account to set this up on your behalf, alternatively you will need to have a UK bank account set up in time for your tenancy start date.
Of course, simply forward the email you’ve received from us to the person who will be paying for your share. Ask them to complete the Direct Debit by following the link within the email.
Payments will be collected on the first working day of each month, if your payment fails, you will be notified by email and text. The payment will then be reattempted in the next 3-5 workings days. Any failed/bounced/late Direct Debit collections are subject to a £12 late payment fee.
There are no allowances in place for the gas and electricity and so you can relax knowing your utilities are at a fixed cost with no unexpected bills at the end of your tenancy!

We do however have the right to cancel or suspend your services should your gas and electricity consumption be deemed negligent.
Your gas and electricity accounts will be setup prior to your move-in date, however we will need you to submit opening meter readings at the start of your contract in order to activate your account.
You are responsible for the utilities at your property from your tenancy start date which is why we advise your utilities to run alongside this.
If we are made aware that there are pre-payment meters installed at the property, we will work with the supplier to get it swapped out as soon as possible. If you require any information on topping your meters up, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss this with the energy team.
We require the opening meter reads to activate your account, we’ll then ask for updated images every quarter to ensure you are consuming as expected. If It appears that you are consuming more than expected and could be deemed negligent, we can inform you to help reduce your consumption going forward.
You must act immediately. Call the Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999.

If anyone is in the property, ask everyone to go outside. Be sure to open your doors and windows to allow ventilation into your home.

Do not use your mobile phone indoors, turn electricity switches on or smoke/light a flame.
The gas meter is normally located outside the property or under the stairs/cellar of the property and electricity meters are usually located in the basement/cellar or in a cupboard in your property. If you’re unsure of the location, we’d advise contacting your landlord or agent, who will be able to inform you of the location of the meters.
If you would like to upgrade to SuperFast Fibre Optic Internet there will be a small additional charge, please get in touch and we will check the availability in your area.
If you are experiencing any issues with your internet, you have access to the technical support team 24/7 who will be able to assist you. You can contact them at any time by calling the UniHomes on 0330 822 0266 and select the option for technical support.
You have 24/7 access to technical support, if you need any help, please just call 0330 822 0266 and select the option for technical support.
All UniHomes utility bills packages come with unlimited broadband, so there are no limits!
You will have been sent your Username and Password for your internet account at the beginning of your tenancy. If you need this resending, please just let us know by email or give us a call!
If your internet has recently been installed but you’d now like to upgrade to SuperFast Fibre Optic, you can email [email protected] to request an upgrade. Depending on how far into your contract you are, the upgrade fee may vary.
If no one is available to be at the property to let the internet engineer in to complete the installation, you must contact us as 48 working hours before the appointment is due to go ahead. We will then aim to get this rearranged for you. Any missed appoints may be subject to a missed appointment charge.
Broadband speed can be dependent on the location of your property. If you want to know what speeds are available in your area, you can email in your address and postcode so that we can let you know the speeds that you can expect.
Your internet will be installed as close to your tenancy start date as possible, you will receive confirmation of your internet activation/installation before your tenancy start date.
An engineer may be required to visit your property in order to install the internet. If this is the case, you will be informed before you move in of the time and date of the engineer appointment.
There are various water suppliers across the UK, your home will be supplied by your local water supplier. Under current legislation, a household is not permitted to change their water supplier.
There is no allowance in place for the water consumption, however we do reserve the right to cancel or suspend your services if the water consumption is deemed negligent.
Yes, you'll need to pay for water throughout the full length of your contract, regardless of whether you'll be living elsewhere for a period of time.
The colour TV licence covers every tenant in an individual property.
If you have recently joined UniHomes, it can take up to 30 days for the TV licensing to update their systems. You can ignore any letters from TV Licensing, however if the problem persists following 30 days after your contract start date, please give us a call!

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