Student Homes in Southdown & Odd Down, Bath

Student Accommodation in Southdown and Odd Down, Bath

If you are looking for a house based out of the city, then Southdown and Odd Down offer excellent value for money due to the location being around half an hour from both universities. Both universities are accessible by public transport, and even closer for students who have access to a car. 

The large 3 storey terraced houses along Coronation Avenue make for a perfect shared house, which is why Southdown and Odd Down prove to be a popular location for student living. Regardless of the distance, student properties in Southdown and Odd Down are popular. As well as the large terraced houses in Southdown you'll find large detached houses converted in to large 4 or 5 bedroomed student houses. Student accommodation in Odd Down comes in a mixed form of terraced and semi-detached houses as well as smaller 1 bedroom apartments

The main bus routes in the areas make it possible to get to the city centre in just under half an hour and is just a short distance to Oldfield train station.  Other neighbouring areas such as Oldfield Park and Widcombe, are popular for students, giving residents of Southdown and Odd down a choice of nearby areas to discover too.

Southdown and Odd Down both make an excellent place to live in the City of Bath, this quiet residential area proves to be the perfect spot for many students of both The University of Bath and Spa Bath University. UniHomes have a selection of properties to choose from throughout both areas, from 6 bedroom terraces in Southdown to a 3 bedroom semi in Odd Down. 

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