5 Reasons Why Accommodation with Bills Included is Making Student Lives Easier

Student Accommodation with Bills All Included - Why does it make life easier?

Moving into your new student home is always mega exciting. Everything's clean bright and new. Until someone says the dreaded works: 'Who's arranging all the bills?' Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are some reasons why going all inclusive with your accommodation is easier than sorting it yourself.

You know what you’re paying

All-inclusive accommodation makes your budgeting straightforward. You know exactly how much you are paying for your utilities with no unexpected surprises. Win.

No time-wasting

You no longer have the frustration being on hold for 30 minutes to the utility providers. Everything is set up and already in place so you can spend your time on more important things (like who's up for a bev?)  🙌

No chasing friends for money

Any awkward conversations and drawing straws about whose account will be used for the utilities are a thing of the past. With accommodation where bills are included, all this hassle is taken away 😍

You’re used to not dealing with bills

You'll probably be used to all inclusive accommodation while in halls. Coming out of that and having to sort utilities can be a real pain, and that’s why 51% of private student rentals in the UK are now bills inclusive.

Concentrate on more important things

All-inclusive accommodation is growing in popularity, with many students often only considering these properties. This trend is set to continue to grow as students want to simplify their life and look for ways which better suit their lifestyle.

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