Student Accommodation in Sunderland

Nestled into the heart of the north-east coastline, the port city of Sunderland continues to attract students from far and wide seeking a perfect blend of hustle, bustle and natural beauty. Home to award-winning beaches and a vibrant city centre, it’s not surprising that graduates choose to stay and work here once their studies are complete. Once famously hailed as the largest shipbuilding town in the world, the modern-day Sunderland isn’t just a manufacturing powerhouse but a thriving hub of culture and entertainment.

Whether your perfect day involves museums and galleries or gigs, sporting events or a long stroll through picturesque parklands, Sunderland has it all. In fact, in a recent survey on the best UK cities, Sunderland ranked top for satisfaction and fourth for happiness, in part due to the low housing costs but equally due to the wide array of activities available!

Arts and culture sit at the heart of the city’s identity; the independent music scene here is booming, and anyone with a passion for photography, visual arts and glass will feel right at home with the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art and the National Glass Centre just waiting to be explored. 

Nevertheless, it’s true that value for money is one of Sunderland’s major selling points. It's the second most affordable city in the UK according to a 2018 ‘Graduate salaries in the UK’ survey conducted by Prospects Luminate, while the 2018 Liveability Index named Sunderland as the as the best place to live for the under 30s due to low living costs, high job satisfaction, and general happiness and wellbeing. For students, low prices across the city means getting to live a little more luxuriously. 

Beyond the beauty and affordability of the city, studying in Sunderland opens the door to a world of opportunities. The city is home over 80 internationally owned companies who employ over 26,000 people, and by 2030, Sunderland will have attracted £2.1bn of public and private investment resulting in more than 17,000 new jobs. 

In recent years, Sunderland has taken a significant step up in the world of software and data technology, now boasting the second-fastest growth in digital turnover outside of London. For IT students, the city’s links with businesses ranging from gaming studios to online retailers will help to kickstart careers or serve as inspiration. 

When it comes to finding a student home in Sunderland, you’ll get to take your pick from a huge range of properties. In the city centre, you’ll see stylish apartments that set you right in the heart of it all. Surrounded by shops and just a stone’s throw from campus, this location is ideal for those who are new to the city and don’t want to miss a thing. 

Of course, there are plenty of other options that are equally popular among students: Pallion is ideal for larger groups, since many of the properties in this suburb were built during the Victorian era and have since been renovated to accommodate students. Since it’s just a short walk from the city centre, Millfield is also a great choice of location for students looking to get the most from their time at uni.

Being a Student in Sunderland  

Life as a student in Sunderland comes with plenty of perks. Not only are you situated right on the coast with access to stunning sandy beaches like Seaburn Beach, but the culture here is what keeps people coming back. When you study in this city, you’ll get to take advantage of both modern amenities such as vast shopping centres, cinemas, quirky coffee shops, clubs and bars catered to students as well as some of Sunderland’s historic attractions.

For those keen history buffs, this city is brimming with links to its industrious past. The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens will immerse visitors into stories that shaped the city – one of the most bizarre exhibits here is a taxidermied lion called Wallace, which visited the city as part of a lion-taming show in the 1800s. 

When it comes to entertainment, you won’t be short on options. This vibrant port city has everything from concert venues and theatres to student-oriented clubs. Jungle Bar on Vine Place has been called the greatest place in the world for a night out, while the Independent on Holmeside boasts a brilliant atmosphere, affordable drinks and a wide selection of live music that ranges from DJs and bands playing everything from jazz to funk, soul and indie. 

For a spot of retail therapy, Sunderland’s Bridges Centre should satisfy your needs. Commonly known as The Bridges, this shopping hub offers a vast selection of high-street shops, cafés and supermarkets where you can stock up on essentials or browse and buy new outfits for your next night out. 

From the sprawling beaches and scenic views of the coast to the acres of green spaces that adorn the land, new residents won’t be short options for adventures - simply step out your front door and soak up the stunning countryside on offer. Our personal favourite is Herrington Country Park, where some of Sunderland’s biggest annual events take place, such as the Kubix Music Festival in August and the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research. When it isn’t playing host to an event, Herrington Country Park makes for the perfect setting for a peaceful stroll. Just remember to bring snacks for the local swans!

Travelling from Sunderland is simple: with a plethora of road and rail links, not to mention an international airport which is easily accessible from the metro, Sunderland brings students close to the wider UK and the world with no fuss. So, whether you choose to live in the centre or one of Sunderland’s charming suburbs, you can rest assured you’ll always feel connected with the rest of the country.  

University of Sunderland Accommodation 

A well-established pioneer in research and technology, the University of Sunderland is dedicated to creating a springboard for success for students from across the world.

Situated in the city’s historic centre, Sunderland’s north east campus welcomes a diverse community of ambitious students eager to further their knowledge and gain valuable experience. Clearly, this commitment to nurturing career growth pays off, with almost 94% of students in work or further study within six months of graduation.

Looking for accommodation near the University of Sunderland? Check out our properties in the city centre, where you’ll get to keep up with all the action on campus while benefiting from the broad offering of cafés, bars, takeaways and shops in the area. Alternatively, check out our properties in Hendon, which sits right on the coast and gives you close access to Sunderland’s beautiful beaches. 

We often see high demand for properties in the leafy suburb of Ashbrooke, where a vibrant community of students and young professionals take advantage of the parks and grasslands for long summer walks and outdoor sports.  

Why UniHomes? 

UniHomes is dedicated to creating a smooth and seamless experience for new and returning students seeking accommodation. So, if you’re looking for student homes in Sunderland – look no further. We’ve carefully selected a large number of properties that vary in size and style to suit your needs, whether you’re eager to live with a big group of friends or just need a modest flat to call home during term-time. 

We know that budgeting can be complicated, so we’ve kept things super-simple by packaging up the price of rent and utility bills into one fixed monthly fee. That means your electricity, gas, internet and TV licence will be included in the rent, making it much easier to plan ahead when managing your finances. Finally, all of our properties are conveniently located within walking distance of local amenities and most come fully furnished with modern features, so you can move right in and start making yourself at home from day one. 

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