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Student Sccommodation at Brunel University London

Renowned across the UK for its world-leading research in fields such as engineering, public health and sports science, Brunel University is a forward-looking institution that nurtures talent with an excellent teaching framework and comprehensive support network. Founded in 1966, Brunel University sits within the top quarter of research universities in the UK and is currently home to just under 13,000 students from over 100 countries!

Just like its namesake, the ethos of Brunel University centres around ambition and innovation; the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are designed to provide students with the practical, entrepreneurial and academic grounds to build a successful career. While you study, Brunel can offer plenty of opportunities for part-time work placements in your field, allowing you to get a head-start on your career.

150 countries are represented at Brunel University, so international students can rest assured that a myriad of support services across academic and social elements of university life awaits to help make the transition as smooth as possible. What’s more, a welcome service at Heathrow ensures new students coming from abroad can find Brunel’s campus without fuss!

When it comes to student homes at the University of Brunel, we’ve got you covered. From cosy but stylish flats in the city centre to spacious 6-bed homes in the heart of London’s suburbs, there are a whole host of options to suit your needs. Central London is just a tube ride away from campus, so your choice of accommodation shouldn’t be limited by location.

That being said, our student homes in Uxbridge are an obvious choice for students at Brunel, due to the proximity with the campus.

Life on Campus

Having recently received a £300m cash injection for redevelopment, the campus at Brunel University is now a thriving hub for education and personal development. Based in Uxbridge on the western edge of London, this university sits in a prime location and is home to a diverse student community.

From the buzzing student bars and refurbished nightclub to the gorgeous green spaces, Brunel’s campus boasts everything a student could need in one place. At any given time, you’ll be within close proximity of study facilities, the library, shops and eateries. There’s also a bank, a pharmacy and an insurance office, not to mention plenty of spaces for socialising and stocking up on stationery before class. 

The Students' Union is the beating heart of social life on campus, where a team of student-elected staff work hard to help everyone get the most from their university experience. For many, that means joining one of Brunel’s clubs and societies – be it animé, radio or economics. 

For the sporty students among you, Brunel offers over 50 clubs and activities ranging from rock climbing, rugby and wheelchair basketball to cheerleading, snowboarding and American football. The university prides itself on high achievement but prioritises inclusivity, constantly striving to find ways to improve accessibility and encourage participation regardless of ability or experience.

Can’t find a club that reflects your interests? Speak to the SU about starting your own! The lively and friendly atmosphere on campus encourages students to pursue their passions and get involved with events, campaigning and entrepreneurship. 

Why UniHomes?

With a vast collection of student homes across London, UniHomes is dedicated in helping new and returning students to find the perfect accommodation – whether that’s a modest apartment for a couple of friends or a renovated period house with plenty of space for five or more. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you feel at home by keeping things simple. Our fees come in the form of one monthly cost that covers both your rent and all of your utility bills, including gas, electricity, water, broadband and even your TV licence. That way, you only have to forecast for one fee and budgeting becomes a breeze.

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