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Established in 1963, the University of East Anglia has a fairly large student population of almost 18,000 students and is ranked within the top 20 across the various UK university guides. A public research university, UEA consistently receives top ratings for the quality of its research activity, deemed ‘world-leading’ in 2014.

Situated in the picturesque city of Norwich, Norfolk, the University of East Anglia skirts the edge of the city with views across the vast fields surrounding the city. A single, sprawling campus containing teaching, research, accommodation and sports facilities, the UEA campus also includes Grade II listed buildings, and the Sainsbury Centre for visual arts, which was used as the headquarters for the Avengers in the recent Marvel movies.

Due to the position of the university on the western side of the city, University of East Anglia student housing stretches out westwards from the city centre. Within the main city ring road, student housing consists mainly of one- or two-bedroom flats and apartments in purpose-built blocks. Most of these have been built in the fairly recent past so are quite modern and provide easy access to the central hub of activity in Norwich city centre.

Expanding further outwards from the city centre, right up to the boundaries of the UEA campus is the area affectionately known as the Golden Triangle. An extremely popular student housing area for students of both universities in Norwich, the Golden Triangle is bordered at the top by Earlham Road, with Newmarket Road at the bottom. With a wide mix of students, professionals and families living in the area there a great community feel, and tonnes of shops, cafes, restaurants and more to get stuck into.

Anyone looking for student housing on the doorstep of the University of East Anglia needn’t look further than North & West Earlham. Located literally across the road from the UEA campus, student housing here is typically a little cheaper, hence the popularity amongst undergraduates!

Slightly further to the north lies Bowthorpe, another popular residential area for a mixture of tenants. Properties around here tend to be a little newer, with contemporary features and all the modern amenities you might need. As you’re a lot further from the city centre and from campus, you’ll likely find cheaper rents here too.

Finally, heading south from the University of East Anglia campus you’ll find more student accommodation in Eaton. Typically, this region of the city is considered more affluent, and is located close to Eaton Golf Club. Mainly popular as an area for university employees to live, you’ll still find student properties around that are often a little nicer than those you’d find elsewhere in Norwich.

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