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About St. Andrews

A small seaside town northeast of Edinburgh, St. Andrews overlooks the dramatic North Sea. Home to the prestigious University of St. Andrews, this vibrant student town has a lot to offer students. There are three beautiful beaches, some of the world’s most renowned golf courses, and historic mediaeval buildings to choose from!

Although St. Andrews is only home to around 10,000 students, there’s a thriving and welcoming student community with hundreds of clubs and societies to keep you entertained. There might not be the same nightlife as in bigger cities, but St. Andrews is the perfect place to experience Scottish culture, study at a world-renowned institution, and live in a charming seaside town with breath-taking views!

University of St. Andrews Student Accommodation

The University of St. Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. The campus is fully integrated into the coastal town, and most university buildings are centred around the three streets around St. Andrews Cathedral.

Whether you’re looking for a small student apartment or a spacious student house to share with your mates, most student accommodation is near the city centre and university buildings. Some student homes are a bit further south of the city centre, but wherever you live, you’ll never be more than a 30-minute walk away from the University. Everything St. Andrews has to offer will be right on your doorstep!

Student Life in St. Andrews

A surprising amount is going on in St. Andrews for such a small town - there are plenty of cosy cafes, trendy bars, tasty eateries and quirky independent shops. There are no nightclubs as such, but there are frequent parties, dinners, beach bonfires and festivals where students can let off steam!

St. Andrews is known locally as the ‘Home of Golf’, and this small town has seven local golf courses, including the renowned Old Course. It’s also easy to get a student membership to help you save on costs. The University of St. Andrews has a strong focus on sports, with over 100 sports teams and 50 sports clubs, so this is the perfect place to study if you're a sports fanatic!

If you’re not a golf fan, why not check out the university’s sailing society and surfing society? With three beaches nearby and miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that beach sports are so popular here! There’s also the Fife Coastal Path, 117 miles of walking trails with scenic views from Edinburgh to Dundee. Just a few miles away is the Rock and Spindle, a volcanic rock formation that’s a must-visit if you’re a fan of walking.

St. Andrews has one of the highest ratios of drinking establishments to people in the country, with over 30 bars and pubs for around 17,000 people. The Whey Pat Tavern is one of the most popular pubs and meeting places for uni societies. There’s a weekly live folk music jam session and a range of ales and craft beers on offer.

St. Andrews Brewing Company Pub is another popular choice for uni clubs and societies. With 18 taps, it’s an essential visit if you’re a beer purist!

If you’re more of a fan of trendy bars, then St. Andrews doesn’t disappoint. There’s The Vic, which services boutique gins and delicious cocktails, with board games, ping pong tables and a weekend DJ. The Vic’s cocktails are only rivalled by The Adamson’s imaginative cocktail list featuring deliciously infused syrups and dry ice.

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