6 benefits of moving away for university

Moving away for university can seem a daunting idea, but the reality is moving into a student accommodation opens the door to unlimited opportunities, whether that’s the chance to live independently, meet new people, explore new places, or something else!

 Staying at home while at university can sometimes limit the fresh experiences that are on offer to those that do move away from home. Some students don’t want to move away and that’s okay too, everyone has their own unique experience at university and people all feel comfortable in different studying environments.

We’ve created a roundup of some of the benefits of moving away from home for university to help you decide which is best! 


1.   Gain independence 🏆

Independence is something a lot of teenagers crave growing up, and moving away for university provides just that. Student accommodation gives you the chance to live in a place of your own and living by your own rules.

Moving away and enjoying having your own independence can be refreshing. It can also help to prepare you for life in the real world without having to go out and get a job just yet. 


2.   Make new friends 🙋🏻‍♂️

University can be a great place to take a step back and reinvent yourself. In a new environment where you have the opportunity to explore new hobbies, the freedom to spend your time how you like and enjoying yourself. 

Many use moving away for university as an opportunity to make new friends, whether that’s people in your student accommodation, people from your classes, or people you meet in the new city you’re in. People travel not only nationwide but worldwide for uni, so it’s the perfect chance to experience new cultures and meet like-minded people.

Use this as a chance to seek fresh experiences and find out what you love to do.

Some people prefer to live at home to save money while they’re at uni but this can make it much harder to meet new people. Don’t forget that a huge part of the university experience is socialising and meeting new people and you might miss this if you’re not living in university accommodation or a student house! 


3.   Change of scenery 🌳

A change of scenery can be refreshing when attending university. Not only does it allow you to experience new things and places, it can help you discover more about yourself and what you love to do.

 New locations bring with them new opportunities, new cultures, new cafes, and not to mention new bars.


4.   Learn life skills 🎯

If nothing else, the independence of university life can result in various life skills being second nature.

We’ve all heard our parents say that at uni you’ll be doing your own washing, cleaning, and more. While this is true, these are life skills you’ll no doubt take in your stride, ultimately taking you one step closer to true independence.

During your time at university, you’ll develop skills such as cooking your own meals, budgeting, navigating new cities, and much more. This can be a daunting thing to picture, but don’t forget everyone is in the same boat when it comes to moving away - everyone is developing together. Plus, you’ll be ready to go out into the working world once your time at uni comes to an end. 


5.   Be your own boss 🦁

No matter how much independence you had before moving away for university, living away from home for the first time is still a big step. Being a student means you’ll be taking care of yourself,, managing your own time, keeping yourself organised, and controlling your own day-to-day life.

Want to redecorate your room? Go for it (but be sure to double check with your landlord to ensure you get your deposit back!)

Maybe you want to go make food in the middle of the night during a Netflix binge? You’re the boss.


6.   Appreciate relationships more! 💙

Something many students find in common when moving away from home is that it actually helps their relationships with their family.

Why is that? Well, having your own space allows you to not only appreciate everything your parents/guardians did for you over the years but being your own boss means you can see family when you choose, not just every time you step out of your room.

Having your own space gives you the room you need to mature and shape yourself into your own person. Not seeing your parents and family every day tends to result in both sides valuing each other’s company that bit more than they did before moving away.

Are you on the fence about moving away? Take a look at our student accommodation in the UK and see if you can picture yourself making new memories in any of the cities on offer.

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