How To Prepare Yourself For University & What To Bring With You

How to prepare yourself for University and what to bring with you!

If you’ve just arrived at this guide, then hopefully you’ve been accepted on to your chosen course at university (congratulations!). Before you try to navigate through the world of higher education, however read our top tips below to get you started.

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Understandably, you may be excited (or nervous) before moving into your accommodation, so let’s delve into how you can prepare before starting your studies.

1. Passport photos and documents. 📄

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. You absolutely need some passport-sized photos of yourself for any important documents you’ve received from university. This can include contents insurance, medical letters, a tenancy agreement and so on. You need to be able to access these easily, so we’d recommend a folder that keeps your files neat and tidy. Don’t be scurrying around trying to find that ‘lost letter’ with important details on!

2. The essentials. 📘

Making a university preparation checklist is important and we’d advise shopping around early for your main items prior to moving in. It can take a whole load off your mind, and you won’t be worrying about what you may have forgotten when you start unpacking your new room. This stuff can range from kitchenware (like cutlery and spices) to stationery items such as pens and notebooks. Don’t go overboard with spending – larger, high-street supermarkets usually stock good quality homewares at reasonable prices and can be relied upon to last for a while. This will also leave you room in your budget for bills, books and food.

3.  Start connecting. 📞

Meeting new people can be scary and possibly overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Other students will be feeling the same way, but talking to others on your course or in your accommodation can be really reassuring, and a great way to make friends! Be sure to check social media for groups that you can join and introduce yourself. Breaking the ice is the first step in getting to know your new mates and will make things feel more relaxed for when you meet in person.

4. Making your new room comfortable. 🪴

Moving into a new room from the one you’ve grown up in may feel a little daunting at first. It’s a big step, but one that will help you become more independent. When moving in, be sure to bring items which make you feel at home: Cushions, stuffed animals, wall decorations, and even houseplants if you have the space for them. You should aim for it to be a place that makes you feel cosier and more positive. Fairy lights and posters are great additions that can add more personality to your space. Remember, this will be your new home for a while, so make it as comfortable as possible.

5. Learning new skills. 🍳

A great way to get a head start before you arrive at university is to learn some new skills. Cooking, washing and ironing your clothes are all experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life and can become a part of your daily routine. Now, when we say learning to cook, we don’t mean whipping up a 5-course meal, but more learning to make simple, staple dishes such as pasta and noodles. You may even surprise yourself and enjoy it! 

6. Take care of yourself. 🧘🏻‍♀️

It should go without saying that your mental health is incredibly important and looking after yourself is paramount. This should be your number one priority above all else. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and homesick but don’t hesitate to seek help if you’re struggling. Every university will have support pages online and medical centres that you can visit to find the assistance you need. You’re never alone, and there are several productive ways in which you can manage your mental well-being.

7. Relax and enjoy your summer break! ☀️

Lastly, try to relax. Enjoy your Summer by spending quality time with loved ones. If you’ve just finished your A-levels, then you more than deserve a break. Have some adventures whilst also remembering to take some time out for yourself. You’ll be moving away soon so take this time to be with family and friends and have some fun! 

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