Moving Into Your New Student Pad

Moving into your next student pad can get pretty overwhelming, especially if it's your first time moving away from home. To give you a hand, we've put together a list of thing to keep in mind when moving in.

Before the move

If you're currently in a student property, you’ll need to ensure you leave it clean, tidy and there's no unresolved damage. You may be keen to leave as soon as possible, but the last thing you want is your deposit being withheld when you’re ready for a fresh start. If you’re staying on in the same house, it’s still a good idea to have a ‘spring clean’ and check there are no breakages you may be liable for.

A good tip is to hold back a few delivery boxes in the few days leading up to packing, as they’ll come helpful once you realise how much you’ve picked up over the last year.

The essentials

Here are some absolute must-haves when moving into your next place.

A toasty maker: This is an absolute go-to, and there’s a reason why it’s first on our list. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner and ready in less than 5 mins.

Laundry basket: No-one wants to mistake yesterday’s underwear for fresh, so keeping dirty laundry separate is a must. Plus, we can’t tell you how useful it will be when the washing has piled up and you’re making the trip home to visit mum and dad (and get your laundry done at the same time).

Clothes airer: Most student houses don’t have the luxury of a tumble dryer, and airing your clothes directly on radiators can cause damp and mould. Having a clothes airer will be a lifesaver - trust us.

Extension lead: iPads, iPhones, laptops, hair dyers, straighteners... the list goes on. They all need to be plugged in somewhere, and if that ‘somewhere’ is behind the bed, you’ll spend a year awkwardly reaching for that plug. Bring a small extension lead along and save yourself the stress.

Toilet plunger: This one's pretty self explanatory. All we'll say is, it's best to have this one around before you end up needing it last minute.

Snag list

It's worth making a snag list as soon as you move in, covering everything that's an issue with the property. It may sound dull, but you’ll thank us next year when your deposit is returned intact. Take dated photos of any cracks, damp, breakages and damage the previous tenants have (kindly) left you. Send these to your landlord or agent on email so both parties have a record, and any major damage should hopefully be rectified for you.

Setting up your utilities and meter readings

Before you moved into the property, you should have signed all relevant forms to ensure utilities are ready to go within the first few weeks of your tenancy. If there are any issues, just get in touch with your utility provider who should rectify these within a few days. If your utilities are through UniHomes, just give us a call on 0330 822 0266 or ping us an email at [email protected]

Even though your house includes bills, you’ll still be asked for meter readings - this ensures your account is open on the correct readings. This means there’s a record of what utilities the previous tenants used, and you can’t be over charged. Send these to your utility provider or landlord as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted charges.

Check out the controls

This may not sound worth the time, but check the heating and fuse boxes in the property. What happens if there’s a power cut when you have your mates round? Or when you're studying through the night for your exams? Knowing where the fuse box is and which is the master switch is a must. You should also know where the stop tap is in case of a leak, and how to fully work the house alarm. If you are unsure of any of the above, we would advise contacting your landlord or agent to advise.

Look around the local area

Once all the mundane stuff is out of the way, it’s time to explore! Get your housemates together to head to the local pubs, restaurants and parks. This could also be a great way to suss out the quickest way to uni, and to get to know any housemates you might not have previously known that well.

Home for the summer

If, after a few days, you’ve grown tired of adult life, the most obvious thing to do is to run home to the safe haven of the parents’ gaff. But remember to lock all doors and windows before you go, and set a reminder to bring your house key back to your new pad. These may sound obvious, but a little organisation now could save you a whole lot of hassle and money just ahead of the new term.

We hope your move goes well! If you've left finding your house to the last minute, search for your next home with UniHomes. Good luck 🔥

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