Things You NEED to Do After Lockdown

Dreaming of life after quarantine?

We’ve put together some of the things you NEED to do after lockdown (as long as it’s safe, of course).

After way too many months of being stuck inside, there are tonnes of things on our post-lockdown bucket list. From finally giving your best mate a hug to having a bev in a beer garden, here are some things you need to do after lockdown and your go-to, post-Covid bucket list for as soon as things go back to normal.

Get a haircut

First things first, it’s time to sort out the hair. If you’re risky enough to have let your lockdown buddies give you a trim, then we salute you (that’s a lot of trust). So, as soon as the hairdressers and barbers open it’s worth booking a cut and blow ASAP.

Meet your mates

This may be an obvious one, but a good catch up with best mates is long overdue (Zoom just doesn’t seem to cut it). Booking in some time with your pals, especially those who live far away, is pretty high up on the bucket list and one of the first things you should do after lockdown.

Visit a beer garden

We’re sure you’re DYING for the pubs to open (who isn’t?!). But the only thing we’re missing more is visiting a good old beer garden. With the summer weather out in full force, and a catch up with mates definitely on the cards, day drinking in a local beer garden is surely on the to-do list.

Go to a festival

Festival season isn’t looking promising this year, but we’re sure you’re craving a good old drunken sing-along. If anything, the wait will make it ten times better, so keep an eye on IG for those line-up announcements (even if we do have to wait another year...).

Shop at your local indie shops

Visiting your fave independent shops, bars and restaurants hasn’t been possible throughout lockdown, so it’s definitely something to look forward to after quarantine ends. There’s something satisfying about spending the day browsing your faves (especially if there’s good food involved). Plus, it’s great for the local economy, so you'll feel good about spending some dough.

Have a day trip

There’s probably nothing better than a day trip. Visiting a different city, a tourist town or even a popular seaside spot is the best way to spend time with your mates. From checking out brand new restaurants to drinking in the most popular pub around, day trips are an all-round great day out (and they’re deffo worth putting on your post-lockdown bucket list). Yes we think Brighton Pier is a good place to start!

Visit a theme park

From Alton Towers to Thorpe Park, theme parks are ALWAYS worth a visit. They might not be something that springs to mind when you’re thinking about life after quarantine, but we reckon they’re deffo worth doing and are one of thrill-busting things you need to do after lockdown. Is there really anything better than the sheer thrill of a good rollercoaster? 🎢 

Book a holiday

There’s a chance you’ve had some holidays cancelled during lockdown (seriously, nothing sucks more?!). Jetting on your hols might be what you were most looking forward to this year, so it’s worth making the most of money you’ve saved while indoors. Hell, why not start looking now?

What are you looking forward to after lockdown? Let us know over on Instagram!

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