Student Homes in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth

Of all the main areas for student homes in Aberystwyth, Bridge Street is probably the furthest away from the bay. But in exchange for a shorter walk to the ocean, you may find a bargain or two. Bridge Street is a quieter part of town that's dominated by small flats and terraced homes. But that doesn't mean it's out of the way. The centre of town is only a five-minute walk away, and there are some great restaurants in the immediate area. 

Two very popular student haunts are Rummers Wine Bar and Bar 46, which are often bursting with people on Friday and Saturday nights. There are also a few local, family-run stores on Bridge Street, including a charming antique shop, a jewellery store and an independent bookshop.

Close to the River, the student accommodation in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth puts you within a two or three-minute walk of the town's largest supermarket. Also in the area are the National Cycle Route 81, Aberystwyth Town Football Club and the popular Ship & Castle pub in nearby High Street. 

While there are districts closer to the main attractions of the town and the university campuses, the Bridge Street area has a lot to offer students.

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Got your heart set on student houses in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth? We can make the process of finding the perfect apartment or house quick and hassle-free. That's because we check and vet all the properties we list, so comfort, safety and quality are always guaranteed. What's more, we make budgeting easy by including utilities in all our prices. Whether you want to stay in Bridge Street or somewhere else in Aberystwyth, we can help you find the perfect student accommodation for your needs. 

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