Student Homes in City Centre, Southampton

Student Accommodation in Southampton City Centre 

Student accommodation in Southampton's City Centre is perfect for those who like the hustle and bustle of city living. Host to many of the city’s bars and clubs - such as Club Oceana, Yates and Switch - the high street truly comes alive at night.

If you’re studying at Southampton's Solent University, then the City Centre is a perfect place to stay. Solent is located in the heart of the Centre, and is only a minutes' walk away. However, the University of Southampton is a bit farther afield, with Highfield Campus being a 30-minute bus ride away. If you’re based here, try looking in Bassett or Portswood. However, if you're set to rent in Southampton's City Centre, there are great transport links to get you around.

Houses in the area are pretty hard to come by, so if you’re hoping to live nearby, expect to have more luck looking for an apartment. Student properties also tend to be for smaller groups, so if you’re a group of four or more, try looking close by in student area The Polygon.

Southampton's City Centre student life is bustling, and is popular for students. If you’re a culture nerd, the City Centre is a perfect fit, as Southampton’s theatres are on your doorstep. Mayflower Theatre, Nuffield Theatre and The Stage Door are all just around the corner. The heart of the city is also home to Westquay Shopping Centre, a modern mall boasting over 100 shops and restaurants, all within walking distance.

Start searching for high quality student houses in Southampton today, and experience a range of property benefits, such as fully furnished homes with double bedroom options, newly fitted kitchens, and en suite bathrooms.

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