Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

(1) Terms and Condition of use

1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to the entire contents of the website under the domain name (URL) www.unihomes.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as “website”) and any correspondence via email, mail or phone between UniHomes and Bills Limited and you upon which we, UniHomes and Bills Limited (hereinafter referred to as “UniHomes”, “we”, “us” or “our”) make available to you. All users of the site agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. Please read carefully before using the website. Using the website indicates that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use the website.

1.2 All information on the website is owned by UniHomes (and/or its associates, clients or licensees). You also accept that the copyright in the text, artwork, graphics and images on the site are owned by UniHomes.

1.3 UniHomes and Bills Limited is a registered company in the United Kingdom (Company No. 09618272). UniHomes and Bills Ltd head office is located at Globe Works, Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 3AE. UniHomes and Bills Limited is a VAT registered company (VAT Reg. 218500925).

(2) Use of Website

2.1 You may access areas of the website without registering your details with us. Certain areas of the website are only accessible if you register.

2.2 You will not send a message or communication which is deemed to be aggressive, illegal, offensive or menacing.

2.3 You will not perform any illegal activity.

2.4 You will not upload, post or publish any content or information which is protected by copyright without the prior written consent of its owner.

2.5 You will not introduce viruses or other material which is technologically harmful, nor will you gain unauthorized access to our site or its server.

2.6 By accessing any part of the website, you shall be deemed to have accepted this legal notice in full. If you do not accept this legal notice in full, you must leave the website immediately.

2.7 UniHomes may revise this legal notice or any part of its terms at any time by updating content on the Terms and Conditions (these changes will take effect immediately). You are responsible for regularly checking these Terms and Conditions. The same applies to the UniHomes Utility Sevices Agreement, which may be updated or amended at any time.

2.8 UniHomes may at any time improve, alter or modify any part of the site and any content.

2.9 Any landlords or agents using the website to receive enquires agrees to respond to the perspective tenants or person who enquired in an appropriate manor so as not to damage the UniHomes brand or reputation.

(3) Intellectual Property Rights

3.1 You agree and acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in all context and software that is made available to view or download in connection with the site remains the property of UniHomes, its associated companies or third parties. Such intellectual property rights include copyrights, database rights, registered designs and downloadable documents. All such rights are reserved.

(4) Personal Information & Passwords

4.1 You agree to provide only true, accurate and complete information to us and/or the site. Any personal information provided by users will be treated with appropriate care and security in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

4.2 You agree to keep your password secure and confidential, and to not allow anyone else to use your email address or password to access the site. You agree not to create additional accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the site or other users, or to seek/pass yourself off as another user. If you think/believe somebody else has obtained your account details, please let us know immediately and we will close your account as quickly as possible. You agree that you are responsible to UniHomes and to others for all activity that occurs under your registration account.

(5) Third Party Websites/Links to and from Other Websites

5.1 UniHomes does not warrant the availability or content of any third party sites that may be available via the site either directly or indirectly and thus have no liability in relation to such availability or its content.

5.2 UniHomes does not endorse and shall not be held responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or services on or available from such websites or material.

5.3 Links to third party websites on this site are provided for your convenience only. If you use these links, you will leave the site. If you choose to access any of the third party websites, you do so entirely at your own risk and UniHomes will not be responsible.

5.4 If you wish to create a link to this website, you must contact UniHomes in advance to seek permission to do.

(6) Bills/Utilities Management

6.1 We will provide you with only the utilities that we agree to provide to you as set out in the Utility Services Agreement and/or are confirmed to you by written communication or by phone.

6.2 The Utility Services Agreement formed between you/your group and UniHomes are bound by these terms. Terms can be found on the Utility Services Agreement.

6.3 The contract term as stated in the contract between you and UniHomes is binding.

6.4 The amount which you will need to contribute, which we shall notify you of at the start of the contract which will be collected via direct debit each month in advance which represents each tenants contribution to the utility charges.

6.5 We will only provide the utilities which are agreed with you in the Utility Services Agreement, which are subject to maximum allowances which are set out in the contract, of which the utilities we will provide for you are via third party providers (Utility Providers) which is part of our bills management service. Water is unlimited if the property is rated, however will incur a maximum allowance if the property has a water meter installed.

6.6 We shall provide the utilities to the address which is specified in the Utility Services Agreement.

6.7 The start and end dates of utility services will be specified within the Utility Services Agreement.

6.8 The UniHomes Utility Services Agreement can be obtained via the landlord’s dashboard on the website.

6.9 As stated in the contract, you will pay the agreed amount via direct debit monthly to UniHomes which is for the Utilities which are to be provided.

6.10 Upon receipt of the completed contract, we will then send an email of acceptance to you to confirm the start of the contract on the terms agreed in the contract. You shall be jointly liable and responsible for each payment to UniHomes which is due to supply the utilities to the property specified in the contract. Following this, a direct debit payment link will be sent to set up the Utilities.

6.11 These terms set out the agreement between you and us for the supply of utilities and bill management to the specified property for the agreed term.

6.12 Completing a Utility Services Agreement for UniHomes to provide the utilities to the property is an offer by you which enters you into a contract with us on the terms given which we can choose to accept or decline at our own discretion.

6.13 The person submitting the contract warrants his or her authority to bind you to these terms for the property specified in the contract.

6.14 UniHomes will send a welcome email to you confirming that we have accepted the contract and that we will provide the utilities and management service to the property which will then become binding on us and you.

6.15 You may cancel the contract within the first 14 days of signing the Utility Services Agreement by giving us written notice via email or letter. We will then confirm your cancellation via email. Please note that if your utility start date is within 30 days of signing the Utility Services Agreement, you waiver your right to the 14 day cooling off period. If you wish to cancel after the 14 day cooling off period, a charge of £25 per tenant will apply.

6.16 You acknowledge that by entering into a contract you give us full authority to act on your behalf from the date of the email confirming our acceptance to provide the utilities for the property specified for the term agreed in the Utility Services Agreement.

6.17 You agree that UniHomes and Bills can speak to the utility providers to discuss the account restrictions, vary the utilities, handle the payments to the utility providers and/or terminate the agreements with the utility providers.

6.18 You shall not for the duration of the contract agreed, appoint another person, firm or company to provide bill management service for any part of the property unless previously agreed with UniHomes.

6.19 UniHomes and Bills will provide the Utilities and management service with reasonable care and skill on your behalf.

6.20 You agree that UniHomes will take instructions in relation to providing the utilities and bill management services from any of the tenants at the property.

6.21 You must provide us with, in reasonable time, any information relating to the utilities and bill management service which UniHomes requests to enable us to provide the bills management service.

6.22 You must provide UniHomes with meter readings in respect of each of the utilities every calendar month during the contract term which is agreed and as such other times as we reasonably request.

6.23 In the event that you fail/are not able to provide the meter readings requested by us, you must allow us or any other person/third party authorized by UniHomes to access the property from time to time upon reasonable notice to obtain the meter readings required.

6.24 If you do not provide us with the information as requested pursuant to 6.23 or 6.24 or if you provide us with incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate information, we may cancel the contract by giving you written notice or we my make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any extra work that is required in order to obtain the information ourselves. UniHomes will not be liable for any delay or non-performance where you have not provided information to us as we have requested.

6.25 UniHomes reserves the right to increase/decrease the weekly utility cost up to 14 days prior to the start of a contract. Written notice will be sent to all tenants, at which point a new cooling off period of 14 days will apply.

6.26 You agree to notify us immediately if there are any changes to your direct debit or bank account outside of your control.

(7)Tenant Obligations

7.1 You acknowledge and agree that we are only providing you with the Utility/Bills management service for the payment of your utilities.

7.2 You shall keep and maintain any equipment (such as routers) provided by UniHomes at the property in safe custody at your risk and also keep the equipment in good condition until returned to us and not dispose of or use the equipment other than in accordance with our instructions.

7.3 You agree and confirm that where you give us instructions in relation to the bill management services to provide the utilities to the property, you have notified and obtained the agreement of all the tenants, and other relevant individuals/companies such as the property landlord/agent.

7.4 You agree to fully re-compensate us on request against all reasonable costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by UniHomes as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions that also incur loss of opportunity and reputation of UniHomes.

(8) Landlord Obligations

8.1 If the landlord advertises a property on UniHomes, the cost of utilities will be added to make the property 'all-inclusive'

8.2 The landlord agrees that UniHomes will provide the utilities for the property which will be added to the landlords 'rent only' prices.

8.3 At the time of the tenant signing the tenancy agreement, the landlord will also ensure the tenants complete and sign the corresponding UniHomes Utility Services Agreement.

8.4 The landlord agrees to return the completed Utility Services Agreement to UniHomes via email at the earliest possible time.

8.5 UniHomes will pay a referral fee to the landlord for each tenant who signs up to the UniHomes Bills Management Service. This is paid via bank transfer following receipt of all tenants’ first payment.

(9) Duration

9.1 UniHomes will supply the utilities and commence the Bills Management Service from the start date detailed in the contract. This will happen once the Utility Services Agreement is completed and returned to us and once the email is sent to confirm our acceptance to provide the utilities and will not expire (unless terminated as suggested in terms and conditions) until the end of the term agreed.

(10) Price and Payment in relation of the Bill Management service:

10.1 You agree to pay UniHomes and Bills the amount specified in the Utility Services Agreement for the agreed utilities we shall provide for the duration of the term agreed in the contract of which we shall pay the utility provider on your behalf.

10.2 Unless agreed in writing, we shall collect the contribution from you each month by direct debit on the date notified by us to you. Without limiting any other remedies or rights that we may have, if you choose not to pay UniHomes the amount specified on the date agreed by us to you, we may cancel or suspend the bill management service until you have paid the outstanding amounts in full to UniHomes.

10.3 Notwithstanding your contribution towards the utilities to UniHomes, you understand and acknowledge that each tenant shall be jointly liable for payment of the ultimate balance of the utility charges due and payable to UniHomes.

10.4 If a tenant leaves the property and ceases to live at the property during the contract, UniHomes shall re-calculate and reapportion the contribution payable by each of the tenants who continue to live at the property for the remaining term to ensure that the utilities charges can be paid in full by UniHomes on your behalf until such time as we agree to release and discharge such tenant under these terms.

10.5 If you miss a direct debit payment, a charge of £10 +VAT will be applied to your account and be payable in addition to the management service charges.

10.6 You agree that we shall be entitled to keep any commission received by us during the course of providing the bill management services.

10.7 The total amounts payable by you under these terms shall be paid in full to us on their due date agreed in the Utility Services Agreement/email conformation for the agreed term of the contract between you and UniHomes without any counter claim whatsoever and be free and clear of any deductions as may be required by law or regulation which is binding on any tenant.

(11) Account Settlement

11.1 Once the contract term is to expire, UniHomes will calculate your consumption and be in touch if any additional charges are outstanding such as, but not limited to early cancellation fees or fees such as administrative fees which a utility provider may seek to charge.

11.2 UniHomes include excessive usage allowances on utilities, if these allowances are exceeded, UniHomes reserve the right to pass the charges onto the tenants.

11.3 If you do not make a payment to us by the due date for the payment which we have requested from you, we may charge interest on the overdue amount. You would then be liable to pay UniHomes interest together with any overdue amount. This will be in place until such time as all the payments due have been fully settled.

(12) Events outside our control

12.1 In relation to this contract, events outside of our control also may be known as Force Majeure Event means an unexpected event which is beyond our reasonable control which includes but is not limited to strikes, lock-outs and other industrial disputes, failure of a utility service or transport network, an act of god, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, accident, fire, flood, breakdown of machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers sub-contractors.

12.2 UniHomes shall not be liable to you as a result of any delay or failure to perform our obligations under this contract as a result of a force majeure event which may occur.

12.3 If the force majeure event prevents UniHomes from providing any of our services for more than 4 weeks, we shall, without limiting our other rights or remedies, have the right to terminate this contract immediately by giving you written notice

(13) Termination

13.1 UniHomes may terminate this contract by giving you notice in writing at any time. Any advance on our accounts of the bill management service shall be refunded to you.

13.2 You may terminate the contract with UniHomes by providing us with 60 days prior notice in writing. Any termination by you is conditional upon you transferring the utilities to new service providers prior to the expiry of the 60 day notice period given to UniHomes. It is your responsibility to transfer the utilities prior to the expiry of the notice period. If you fail to do this, we may continue to provide the bills management at the agreed terms.

13.3 If you decide to terminate the contract for any reason, you agree to return any equipment in good working order.

13.4 Upon termination of this contract, we will obtain the final bill charges from the utility providers together with any other charges that they may seek to charge and you will be liable to pay the amount of any such charges along with the final bill charges to us which will then allow us to discharge your liability to the relevant utility providers.

13.5 If the contract is terminated this will not affect either party's rights including our right to recover from you any money that you owe UniHomes pursuant to these terms by effect after termination, these shall continue.

(14) Assignment

14.1 You may not transfer any obligations or rights under these terms to another person without prior written consent to UniHomes. UniHomes can transfer any or all our rights and obligations under these terms to another organization, this however will not affect your rights under these terms.

(15) Notices

15.1 If you give any notice, this needs to be sent to [email protected] or by post to UniHomes, Globe Works, Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 3AE. If UniHomes gives any notice, this may be sent to the email address on the Utility Services Agreement or to the property on the Utility Services Agreement.

(16) Data Protection

16.1 UniHomes will use the personal information you provide to us only and other such personal financial information we otherwise obtain about you to provide the bill management services which are agreed in the contract, process your payments and also from time to time inform you about other services which we provide.

16.2 In order for UniHomes to provide the bills management service to you, we may pass your personal information to each of the other tenants at the property and any such utility providers as to what we deem reasonable.

16.3 You understand/accept that in accordance with our legal requirements, we may have to disclose your personal information to any regulatory or governmental body in respect of your use of the bill management service we are providing. If any such event occurs we shall notify you as soon as reasonably possible.

(17) General

17.1 If a court or an authority decides that the provisions of these terms are invalid, unenforceable or unlawful to any extent then only the term identified will be invalid, the other terms will not be affected.

17.2 Any person(s) who are not party to these terms, shall not have any rights in connection with them nor shall they benefit under the contracts (rights of third party acts 1999)

17.3 These terms shall be governed by the English Law only and UniHomes and you both agree that we do not accept any orders from addresses which are outside of the UK and any disputes will be settled in the courts of England. The terms set out the entire agreement between you and us for the provisions of our services.

(18) Limitation of our liability/responsibility

18.1 UniHomes are only liable to you in these terms set out and we do not have any other liability to you unless imposed by law.

18.2 If UniHomes fail to comply with these terms, we shall only be responsible for those losses which are a direct result of our failure with these terms.

18.3 UniHomes only provide bills management for private and domestic use. You agree to not use UniHomes bill management service for business, resale or commercial use.

18.4 UniHomes will only be liable in breach of terms or by negligence the total sum of a full 12 months management service and shall not exceed this sum.

18.5 UniHomes is not intending to exclude in any way our liability for fraud, death or personal injury which is caused by our negligence or further to this our liability for any matter which is unlawful or illegal to try and exclude our liability in anyway.

(19) Landlord Advertising

19.1 A landlord shall only advertise a property which is a true reflection of the property in question. This could relate to pictures, description, utility bills included, location, address and price.

19.2 UniHomes is not responsible for information published via a landlord but shall do its upmost to make sure the landlord does present a true reflection of the property.

19.3 The landlord agrees that UniHomes will add an additional amount to cover the cost of utilities, of which would be a separate contract (UniHomes Utility Services Agreement) to the tenancy agreement.

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