Celebrate Pancake Day by heading to your local TOP RATED restaurants using our list below! 

Pancake day is upon us! Arguably one of the best holidays of the year, even if you’re a sweet tooth or a savoury fanatic. 

But if you’re like us and hate the prep and clean up, it’s the perfect opportunity to hit up your local cafes and restaurants to celebrate the holiday with ease!

We've curated the perfect list of the best pancakes on offer across the UK using TripAdvisor, so you can celebrate the big day without the fuss. 

Take a look at each cities top spot below;


Leeds locals need to head to Residence 74 Cafe & Bar for a sweet treat this pancake day, offering fluffy American pancakes with toppings such as maple syrup, berry compote and Nutella Sauce. For less than £9, why not!


The Cabin in Sheffield takes pancakes to a whole new level, offering their own menu specials as well as the option to customise your own pancakes with a selection of sweet and unique toppings. From cinnamon infused cream cheese to Mexican chicken, we are obsessed with this menu!


Manchester is a city known for its good eats, and Moose Coffee does not disappoint! This American and Canadian inspired food joint offers delicious pancake stacks which are perfect for any sweet tooth. Our favourite has got to be the apple and homemade salted caramel flavour! 


If you’re in Nottingham, you need to head down to The Pudding Pantry this pancake day for the fluffiest pancakes in the city! Even if you’re not much of a sweet tooth, the BBQ pulled pork pancakes sound like the perfect alternative to celebrate with. 


Gas Street Social in Birmingham is another location you need to try, with gluten free and vegan options even on offer. We’ve never thought of pairing pancakes with a Full English, but we are hooked!


The amount of options in London can be overwhelming, but we think you should head down to Dobar this pancake day for the perfect pancakes! Another location that is smashing the sweet and savoury options, we knew this option was a winner as soon as we saw pancake tacos on the menu. 


For all the honorary Geordies and locals, you need to head across to Aidans Kitchen for dreamy pancake stacks. This local cafe has locals hooked and we can see why, with huge portions and delicious topping options. 


For a boujie take on pancake day, Brighton locals need to head down to SIX to try their homemade organic pancakes, featuring the classic toppings such as bacon, blueberries and banana. The stunning restaurant decor makes this location even more of a must!


For the best pancakes in Cardiff, you need to try Servini’s Cafe.This friendly local cafe in Wyndham Arcade serves fresh, sweet, pancake stacks whilst the cafe offers the warm and cosy vibes to go with it.


Halladay’s Tearoom in Southampton is the ideal location to hit up this pancake day. With fresh and fruity toppings and beautiful floral decor inside, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday! 

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