How to Live Your Best Single Life in Leeds this Valentines

Living the single life is great for 11 months of the year, but when it comes to February we somehow start to feel like we’re missing out on those things that couples get to do! 

Forget that! Leeds is an awesome spot to be living your best single life and we’ve put together a list of the some of the ways to either avoid or embrace the valentines hype as a singleton in the city!  

1. Valentines massacre 

Have you always fancied yourself as a 1920’s mobster or moll? Then the Valentine’s day Massacre is your chance. Don your feather boas, fringed dresses and kipper ties and immerse yourself in a murder mystery evening set in 1920’s Chicago, with a Valentines twist. 

2. "And They Call it Puppy Love!"

In need of a cuddle this Valentine’s day? Well who better to give your snuggles to than the pets who currently call the RSPCA centre home? Spend your Valentine’s day walking the dogs, stroking the cats and petting the rabbits in the shelter. The 'Return the Love' event is organised by the Leeds Beckett SU and we can’t imagine a cuter way to spend the day! 

3. No Likey, No Lighty!

On the lookout for love this valentine’s? We can’t promise Paddy himself, but an array of cringey catchphrases are guaranteed with Leeds' very own Take Me Out, Valentine's special at The Box in Leeds! Register to be a part of the game show with awesome prizes to be won and if taking part is your worst nightmare and you just fancy a giggle, then entry is free with some fab drinks offers available! And we've got 4 x VIP tickets to giveaway - head over to our Facebook page to enter! 

4. Get lost in space!  

Take your evening to another level with Professor Brian Cox and get lost in space as he investigates the possibilities of an infinite universe and our place in it. If an ‘out of this world’ Valentine’s day is what you’re looking for – then it doesn’t get much better than an evening with Prof Cox himself at Leeds First Direct Arena. 

5. Love is in the scare!

If you’d rather be faced by a cabin of freaks, blood sucking vampires or chased by a heard of zombies than celebrate Valentine’s day – your luck is in! Fear Masters are bringing three bloody curdling scare experiences for you to enjoy over this Valentine’s weekend, 'Love is in the Scare' where Romance really is DEAD! 

6. Enjoy a tragic love story! 

Think your love life is disastrous? Think being ghosted is bad? The story of Romeo and Juliet makes even the worst Tinder dates look pretty reasonable. There really isn’t a love story in the world much more tragic than this one! The Royal Shakespeare are in nearby Bradford with the Shakespeare favourite Romeo and Juliet

7. Roll you’re way through single life like…..

Grab your gals and roll with the Roller Girl Gang at the Valentines special roller disco on Friday 15th February. (Girl gangs can contain guys too though!)

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