Student Guide: Tips for Freshers’ Week 2020

How to survive freshers’ week 2020 👇

Freshers’ week is one of the most anticipated events for new students. It’s a whirlwind of activity, from moving in to meeting your new housemates – and it’s super easy to get lost all the action. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up our top tips for freshers’ week 2020, so you can start university the right way.

What is freshers’ week really like? 👀

Freshers week traditionally takes place the week before lectures and seminars begin at your chosen university. It’s a chance to get settled in, discover your university, meet new people and explore your city.

Freshers’ week is notorious for being a week of non-stop drinking, late nights and little sleep. In reality, it’s only as wild as you want it to be. If you’re not a big drinker, or you’re not a fan of missing those ZZZs, there’s still LOADS to get stuck into. Nonetheless, those who love a bev will be right at home with the endless supply of nightlife opportunities.

Freshers’ week in 2020 might be a little different to usual, but that’s not to say freshers are going to struggle to stay occupied. Beer garden day drinks are always a go-to, and bars are set to have a never-ending stream of student discount offers, so keep an eye out for ones that sound like your jam.

What to do before you arrive 📦

To make the most of your freshers’ week experience, you’ll want to be prepared. There’s a bunch of things you can do before heading to uni to save you time when the chaos of freshers’ week begins, including getting to know the area and applying for jobs. We cover all the important bits and bobs in our latest guide here.

For freshers’ week in 2020, it’s definitely a good idea to avoid buying any wristbands for nights out. The chances are that these events are going to be re-scheduled until lockdown eases a bit more, so save your money and wait until you arrive. Plus, you won’t know which nights out your housemates are planning on going to, so it’s best to chat it through with them when you arrive.

When you get there 🏡

If you haven’t already, get all your university-related admin done and dusted. There’s nothing worse than having chores niggling over you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself, so do everything you need to early doors.

You’ll need to enrol at your university, so you’re registered for the upcoming term. Check your emails for any information you’ve been sent about enrolment, and have a nosey around campus when you’re there.

It’s also worth unpacking your boxes the day you move in, rather than leaving it for a while. There’s nothing worse that needing your toothbrush and having no idea which bag it’s in, so unpacking straight away makes. Plus, you’ll be able to notice anything you might need to buy before you get settled in!

Do a food shop, explore your surroundings and introduce yourself to your housemates. Then you’ll be all prepped and ready for freshers’ week to begin.

Go out (you still can) 🍻

It’s part of freshers legacy to go out and get plastered during freshers’ week - and 2020 is no exception. Clubs might be closed, but there are plenty of bars and pubs dotted around to get stuck into. Head to a bottomless brunch, book a table at a sports bar or simply make way for your local – you’re sure to find a student hotspot near you. Plus, there will be a bucket load of student discounts and deals on to take advantage of.

The nightlife isn’t the only way to explore your new city. Freshers’ week is the perfect time to discover what’s on offer, from cultural attractions and local galleries to bowling alleys and mini golf pitches,. There’s a whole host of activities you can try out which don't include clubbing.

Meet your neighbours 👋

As well as getting to know your flatmates, make sure to knock on your neighbours’ doors. Whether it’s the flat next door or the one across the hall, they’re bound to want to meet you guys too (even if it is with a socially distanced hello). Invite them out for some drinks at your local, or get exploring your local park – they might even know some good spots to uncover nearby.

Your flatmates aren’t always going to be your bezzie mates, so getting to know your neighbours is a great way to branch out your inner circle during freshers’ week 2020. Plus, you’ll be bumping into them all the time anyway too, so you may as well say hello early doors.

Have a night in 🎉

Why not bring the party to you? A flat night in always goes down well and gives you a chance to get to know each other a bit better, so it might be worth suggesting this to your new housemates.

Why not try a movie night? Or play some video/board games? Even a cook-off to test those culinary skills? A mid-week refresher at home will break up the week and give you some well-needed flat bonding time.

Don’t do everything ⛔️

A jam-packed week sounds like a dream, but it’s definitely worth having a few nights off during freshers’ week. Going out five days in a row might sound like a good idea on Monday, but when Wednesday comes around and you’re dreading committing to another bev-fuelled evening, you’ll wish you’d given yourself a breather.

It’s a good idea to go to as many day events as you can, such as freshers’ fairs and society meet ups - but don’t panic if you can’t make every single one. There’s plenty of time to dive into your Students’ Union in the first term, so if you get double booked or you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, remember that you don’t need to do absolutely everything.

Make the most of your money 💸

Freshers is bound to leave a hole burning in your pocket. No matter how much you try to budget yourself out of it, you’re probably going to spend more than you planned. But there’s still hope; student discounts and budgeting will be your best friends.

The best way to prevent going totally off the rails is to create a budget. We recommend having a plan per day (it might sound OTT, but we promise it works). Work out how much you can afford for the entire week, and then break it down to the day-by-day. Some days will cost more than others, so don’t worry if you need to move money around during the week – just make sure it’s reasonable. I mean, if you plan to spend more, then you haven’t actually overspent… right? 👀

Secondly, utilise your newfound student discount as much as you can. Browse social media for local hangouts offering savings and see if you can bargain yourself some free tickets here and there. This can cut down spending by a bucket load. But, after all, don’t worry too much about your bank balance – the memories will be worth it.

Freshers’ fairs 🎫

Go freebie hunting at your university’s freshers’ fairs. These are usually crammed with opportunities which are well worth exploring. These fairs traditionally have a whole host of stalls where you can sign up to societies, discover new clubs, meet brands and find out information on student housing for second year.

Freshers’ week 2020 might be a bit different, with a number of online fairs to take advantage of too. To find out about these, search on your Students’ Union website and social media for more information. It’s deffo worth making a (virtual) appearance.  

Don’t stress it 💆‍♀️

As long as you’re having fun, don’t stress too much about your freshers’ week experience. If you head home early from a night out or forget to go to your fresher’s fair, don't worry, there will still be a bunch of opportunities to get stuck into the student lifestyle.

Plus, it’s worth noting that you don’t need to drink to have a good time - so take things at your own speed. There are plenty of students who prefer a good cosy movie night at home to a wild evening on the town, and you’re sure to find your tribe in no time. So, just make sure to make the most of freshers’ week while you can.

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