Three Bedroom Student Houses in Keele

Whoever said three is a crowd clearly wasn’t living with the right people or in the right place. Our range of 3-bedroom student houses in Keele are perfect for friends seeking a little extra space in their home away from home!

These homes are spread across the most popular areas in Keele and beyond, so you'll always feel connected to the nearby student community. Many students looking to live in threes opt for a pad in Newcastle-under-Lyme – a gorgeous market town with a student population that feeds the social scene and keeps it lively. Regular bus links back to Keele University make getting to class quick and hassle-free.

The suburbs of Silverdale and Knutton are often favoured by students looking for somewhere to study, sleep and spend their downtime. If you’ll be spending most of your time on campus and want an affordable 3-bedroom student house near Keele, these locations could be ideal.

Chesterton is a little further afield but growing in popularity, with plenty of local amenities and transport links to take you back to campus or the town centre.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes has a diverse collection of 3-bedroom student flats in Keele, ranging from spacious homes to modern apartments across several locations. We take student living seriously, combining cost-effective prices with comfort to give you a space to feel at home. What’s more, all UniHomes student flats come with bills included within the weekly cost of rent.

Students UniHomes.