Student Homes in Fratton, Portsmouth

Student Accommodation in Fratton, Portsmouth

Student accommodation in Fratton sits in the centre of Portsmouth and is a popular area among students. Fratton Road runs through the district, and is home to local amenities, including popular pubs, bars and restaurants. Fratton is home to a few green spaces, such as Kingston Park and Cemetery, which is a great place to spend the warm summer days.

Student accommodation in Fratton is within walking distance for University of Portsmouth students, and takes about 20 minutes by bus to get to the main campus. The district is close to the City Centre, meaning nightlife isn’t far away. With its own train station, Fratton has great transport links in and around the city.

Student housing in Fratton, Portsmouth, is usually in terraced houses, meaning mid-sized groups will have lots of choice. Larger groups looking for house shares might struggle to find as many options, but there’s still heaps of houses on the market in Fratton.

Accommodation in Fratton has a wide range of different styles, including newly fitted kitchens, fully furnished rooms, and double bedrooms. Student flats are fairly hard to come by, so try looking in the City Centre for these. Get started looking in Fratton today with UniHomes - every single home has bills included.

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