How to Live Your Best Single Life in Newcastle this Valentines

If you’re a student in love, Valentine’s Day is a celebration to spend time with, and show your appreciation for your relationship and special someone. 

However, if you’re unlucky in love and see yourself as the real life Bridget Jones, all you’ll feel like doing is hibernating away from the PDA’s and love-sick couples. 

But just because Cupid hasn’t struck just yet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun time being single in Newcastle. 

1. Spend time with your celebrity crush

Ok, so both Tom Hardy and Megan Fox are both taken. But that doesn’t stop you dribbling over your on-screen crush for the entire Valentines weekend. Stock up on the pop-corn and let the box set rerun of Peaky Blinders commence! 

2. An evening with Peter Andre

If 90’s pop stars squeezing every last drop of fame out of their dwindling careers is more your thing, then we couldn’t think of a better place to spend it than celebrating 25 years of Peter Andre at Newcastle City Hall. Grab your tickets (£30 - £51 each) and reminisce on that Mysterious Girl water scene you’ve not been able to get out of your head.


3. Laugh uncontrollably at a ‘fabulously filthy’ novel

Kate Davies’ debut novel, ‘In at the Deep End’ is the ‘frank, funny and fabulously filthy’ coming-of-age-story everyone needs if you're alone this V-day. Prior to her writing success, Kate had a short-lived career as a burlesque dancer that ended when she was booed off stage at a Conservative club while dressed as a bingo ball.  Join Kate as she reads from, and discusses the novel with Stacy Gillies, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Culture and Literature at Newcastle University. Find out what you’ll be letting yourself in for with this hilarious extract from the book

4. Gather your girlfriends for Galentines 

If your mission to find ‘the one’ over the past 12 months has failed miserably, there’s isn’t anyone better to spend the 14th with than your best mates who’ve been there through both the first dates and rejections. Get Whatsapping your girlfriends and head over to whoever has the biggest student house for a game of Tinder Roulette, which will soon become your favourite drinking game ever! You never know – the squad might just find you the man of your dreams!

 5. Host an Anti-Valentines Party

If you hate Valentine’s Day and all the commercial crap that comes with it, then it’s a great excuse for a party to celebrate exactly that. Organise a SAD (Single Awareness Day) party with those who are just as over it as you, or those who have just consciously uncoupled. Decorate your pad with black and broken hearts that even cupid will know to stay away from and compile a playlist of empowering numbers including Taylor’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. 

If you can’t be bothered to go to the effort of hosting the Anti-Valentines Party then Colonel Porter's Emporium in Dean Street are ready to do the hosting for you at their 'Free As a Bird' event, where you can get entry and a cocktail for just £5 - or head over to our Facebook page to enter our competition to win tickets! There’s even the promise of no love songs or romantic lighting in sight. 

6. Boys & Beer night

The lads might claim to be ‘loving the single life’, but trust us, most of just want a big soppy cuddle and a laugh with their mates come 14th Feb. And because you’re reading this, it’s down to you to organise a boys night-in full of beer pong and bants, with the night inevitably ending with a Google search for Things To Do With Beer Besides Drink It

7. Do something your ex hated

Have an indulgent day of doing all the things your ex moaned about. Watch back to back episodes of Friends, crank up the music and binge on your favourite snacks that you used to hate sharing. This a day to love yourself! 

8. Go on a date

Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. Time to get Tinder out and see who else is mindlessly swiping right. You never know, cupid might strike just in time for Valentine’s Day 2020. 

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