How To Throw the Ultimate EuroVision Party on a Student Budget

How To Throw the Ultimate EuroVision Party on a Student Budget

13 May 2022 • 3 min read

It’s that time of year again – Eurovision 2022 is upon us. With the grand final taking place in Turin in Italy, following Italian rock band Maneskin taking last year’s win home, millions across the globe will be tuning in for an evening of cheesy bangers and glittery (and slightly wacky) costumes whilst routing for their favourite acts. 

We've pulled together some top tips on hosting a Eurovision party in your student pad on a budget, along with some recommendations of live screenings taking place in some of the biggest student cities across the UK. 

1.     Sparkle up your home with decorations 🎉

No Eurovision party would be complete without decorating your living room with an array of colourful bunting, balloons and flags. Try visiting your local supermarket or craft store to purchase your décor to ensure you’re in the spirit for cheesy Europop ballads. If you’re opting for all things sparkles, make sure to reuse these for any other parties you may be planning  - you never know when you’ll need it!


2.     Stock up your fridge with tasty treats 🍕

Ensure your fridge is stocked with some delicious goodies to share with your friends and guests! Supermarkets such as ALDI stock a wide range of party canapes that are both delicious yet cheap and cheerful. To make your party even more authentic, select dishes from popular European cuisines, such as pizza, meat skewers and meatballs! For those students who are confident in the kitchen, why not try creating your own tasty treats to wow your guests with?


3.     Create some competition amongst your guests 🎲

If you’re feeling competitive, why not create your own game that you can play with your guests whilst you enjoy the glitz and glamour of Eurovision?  You could create your own Eurovision bingo featuring some classic aspects of the singing contest, from poorly delivered joke falling flat, to crossing off when a dramatic Westlife-esque key change takes place. You could even compete with your guests and represent a country each to see who comes out victorious!


4.     Pull out the fancy dress 💃🏻

Each year Eurovision brings an array of flashy, and sometimes wacky costumes. Why not take the chance to dig out some of your fancy dress outfits and accessories that you may have stored away to feel a part of the celebrations!


5.     Have a good sing song 🎤

Whilst you may not be familiar with many of the songs featured in this years Eurovision, it’s the perfect time to showcase your vocal abilities and belt some Eurovision classics. There’s a wide range of Spotify playlists which feature some of Eurovision’s finest which you can sing along to!

Unable to host your own party? There are a wide range of live screenings taking place in some of the most popular student cities across the UK that you can attend! Why not head to Rio Cinema located in London who are hosting a pre-screening Eurovision-themed karaoke competition, along with a live screening? Outdoor entertainment space in Newcastle, Central Park, is hosting a watch-a-long party, whilst Brighton’s Duke of York cinema will beam the contest onto its big-screen.

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