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Uni Life in Coventry

Coventry is home to two universities. Coventry University is located within the city and is the ninth-largest university in the UK. The University of Warwick is located just a little way out of the city limits, and is a world-famous Russell Group university. Overall, 50,000 students call Coventry home during term times.

From swanky studio apartments with on-site amenities, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, to large shared houses, there are tonnes of options when it comes to student accommodation in Coventry. Spread across Coventry City Centre, and centrally located areas such as Spon End, Chapelfields and Bishopsgate Green, you

Key reasons to study in Coventry

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    A top 5 student city

    With one of the largest metropolitan universities and a Russell Group university both calling Coventry home, you won't find many better centres of academic excellence than Coventry. The city takes in over 30,000 students a year, so you shouldn't struggle to find a place on a course.

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    Student-oriented living

    Students are now one of the largest demographics in the city, meaning there's a huge range of choice when it comes to accommodation. Your student card will get you discounts at food places like Dominos, KFC, Las Iguanas or McDonalds, clothing stores like H&M, Schuh or Miss Selfridge, or other useful services like the Bishop Street PureGym or the Skydome Odeon.

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    Easy trips to campus

    Travel to and from university campuses is quick and easy even if you're not within walking distance. The 21, 21S and 23 buses all drop you straight at Coventry University's campus, and the train station is only 10 minutes away. For UoW students, there's a national express bus that costs just

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    Lots of things to do

    There's plenty to do as a student in Coventry. Nightlife highlights and student favourites include Kasbah (in the centre of town) and 147 (just off the sky blue way roundabout). The music scene is growing, with bigger and bigger artists playing the HMV Empire. Also, be sure to check out the Sunday Pub Quiz at the Phoenix on Gosford street! 

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    A well-connected city

    There's plenty to do in Coventry, but if you're still struggling, the mighty Birmingham is just 20 minutes away on the train, with trains running every 40 minutes on weekdays. There are also excellent transport links to London, Leicester and Nottingham.

Coventry's a small city with lots of students from Warwick and Coventry universities. It has a few attractions, like its cathedrals. The whole West Midlands area is so easily accessible and close to many other cities, so it's easy to travel in and out.

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Universities in Coventry

University of Warwick

Picture of University of Warwick

Located on the outskirts of Coventry, the University of Warwick is a prestigious Russell Group university, and a true campus university as well. It boasts 32 academic departments and a host of student amenities and entertainment all within a self-contained area. You'll find a huge number of excellent courses across the three core faculties at Warwick, particularly in the school of management and business.

Coventry University

Picture of Coventry University

Coventry University is Coventry's city centre university and is home to almost 30,000 students each year. It's also one of the fastest growing universities and prides itself on specialising in teaching performance, mainly  across a number of niche subjects, such as architecture and film production. It sits on a purpose-built campus on the east side of the city centre, next to the ring road.

Student Life in Coventry

Coventry's very diverse and easy to get around, with all sorts of people living here. It's got that small city vibe, really easy to get to know. I also like how easy it is to get to Birmingham, for those people who like the bigger city vibe, or just want a broader range of shopping options. Warwick students also like going to Leamington Spa, which has lots more student nightlife, bars, restaurants and clubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

October is the best time to start looking for student accommodation in Coventry. Properties will be available until February, but we would recommend starting a search for a property during the autumn. The most popular student areas in Coventry include City Centre, Stoke and Ball Hill.
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Tenancy periods in Coventry usually last for 12 months. Most contracts will start on the 1st July and end on the 30th June the following year. Occasionally, letting agents may offer tenancy periods that last for 10 or 11 months, starting in August or September. You can always enquire with the letting agent to find out how long your contract length will be.
Deposits are usually either 4 or 5 week's rent. The maximum legal amount a landlord can charge your for a deposit is 5 week's rent. You’ll get your deposit back when you move out of the property. That said, if the landlord is still owed outstanding rent or needs to pay for repairs to damage within the property, they may take deductions from the deposit to cover the costs.
UniHomes accommodation in Coventry usually costs £96 – £165 per person, per week. This price includes the cost of all bills you'll need to pay, which you won't always see on other student accommodation websites. Check out the full range of student accommodations available in Coventry.

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