Student Homes in Bishopsgate Green, Coventry

Why Bishopsgate Green is Great for Students

Situated to the North-East of Coventry city centre and close to Coventry University, Bishopsgate Green is naturally a popular area for student housing in Coventry. Encompassing a fairly large area outside of Coventry’s main ring road, Bishopsgate Green is also a popular area for families and for young professionals commuting into work. 

Whilst Bishopsgate Green is quite a long way from the University of Warwick campus, being in close proximity to the city centre means there’s still access to regular public transport options to reach the campus. 

As a residential suburb, the area has a variety of different properties available for students. Ranging from three-bedroom terraced houses, to larger four-bedroom or five-bedroom properties and beyond, there are also a few more modern apartment blocks dotted around providing smaller, cheaper 1-bed or 2-bed flats to share.

Living up to its religious namesake, Bishopsgate Green is a very multicultural area, home to many different ethnicities and faiths. This diversity also represents itself in the variety of restaurants in the area too with options to try many different authentic Asian cuisines.

There are plenty of parks around in the area providing ample opportunity to get outside and enjoy a little nature. Plus, with Coventry Canal winding its way through the centre of Bishopsgate Green you could even take a canal-side stroll just minutes away from home.

Whatever you’re looking for, UniHomes are here to help you find the perfect, all-inclusive student accommodation in Bishopsgate Green for the next academic year.

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