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Uni Life in Leeds

Leeds is the largest city in Yorkshire and easily one of the most exciting spots in the North of England to be a student. Students in Leeds can always find something to do, with something happening every night. Whether you're into sports, music, academia, or theatre, there's something in Leeds for you.

The city is home to two large universities, Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds, as well as several smaller universities (including Leeds Trinity, Leeds Art University and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance). With so many students, student accommodation in Leeds is bound to suit all tastes, personalities and budgets.

The student accommodation in Leeds has modern flats and apartments boasting contemporary design features and modern amenities

Key reasons to study in Leeds

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    Everything you need in one place

    As one of the north of England's biggest cities, Leeds has everything you need. Whether it's affordable student accommodation, a wide range of shops, or excellent transportation links to other areas of the country, the City of the White Rose has you covered.

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    Exciting nightlife

    You won't be short of things to do in Leeds. Bars like Headrow house, the Belgrave Music Hall, Jakes and Brooklyn's add to fantastic nightlife. The city is full of incredible music venues like the Brudenell Social Club and the O2 academy (built into an old church). Albion Place sets out a fantastic range of restaurants and bars. Simply put, Leeds is well known as one of the most vibrant cities in the North!

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    A student-oriented city

    With over 60,000 students in the city, Leeds has a significant student population to cater to and is, therefore, very student-oriented. Both campuses are centrally located, and most shops and restaurants around provide a student discount. Hyde Park and Headingly are trendy student areas; as such, the rents are affordable and good value for money.

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    A rich sporting history

    Leeds is steeped in sporting history. Known in particular for being a rugby city, the Leeds Rhinos are one of the most successful rugby clubs in the country. In addition, Leeds United are a world-famous football team, and both universities own fantastic sporting facilities.

Leeds is a student centred city with a warm and welcoming vibe. Every time I go out I see friendly faces I recognise and relate to. Leeds is a place of fun, culture, music, food and hella cool nights out.

Emily M Brand Ambassador

Universities in Leeds

University of Leeds

Picture of University of Leeds

One of the largest and most prestigious higher education institutions in the UK, the University of Leeds also has one of the country's highest enrolment rates. A classic redbrick and Russell Group university, the uni is ranked with the top 150 higher education universities in the world. You'll find Leeds University campus up in the north side of Leeds' city centre, just between a Leeds General Hospital and the popular student area of Woodhouse.

Leeds Beckett University

Picture of Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett university is split across two campuses, one in the city centre and one in the suburb of Headingley. It is notable for its excellent sporting department, the Carnegie School of Sport, which is ranked the fifth best sporting education university department in the UK.

Leeds Beckett Headingley

Picture of Leeds Beckett Headingley

The Leeds Beckett Headingley campus is located a short distance out of the city centre and is easily accessible on foot or bus. The James Graham Building is home to 6 lecture theatres, and the Great Hall holds up to 300 people for events and exhibitions. The surrounding suburb of Headingley is full of shops, bars and eateries - perfect for some fun after a lecture or study session.

Student Life in Leeds

Leeds is a small enough city that you can walk to everything no need for buses or trains. The entire city also revolves around students and there's always events on. The night life is also great there's something on every night.

Rose S Brand Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

October is the best time to start looking for student accommodation in Leeds. Properties will be available until February, but we would recommend starting a search for a property during the autumn. The most popular student areas in Leeds include Hyde Park, Headingley and Woodhouse.
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Tenancy periods in Leeds usually last for 12 months. Most contracts will start on the 1st July and end on the 30th June the following year. Occasionally, letting agents may offer tenancy periods that last for 10 or 11 months, starting in August or September. You can always enquire with the letting agent to find out how long your contract length will be.
Deposits are usually either 4 or 5 week's rent. The maximum legal amount a landlord can charge your for a deposit is 5 week's rent. You’ll get your deposit back when you move out of the property. That said, if the landlord is still owed outstanding rent or needs to pay for repairs to damage within the property, they may take deductions from the deposit to cover the costs.
UniHomes accommodation in Leeds usually costs £100 – £211 per person, per week. This price includes the cost of all bills you'll need to pay, which you won't always see on other student accommodation websites. Check out the full range of student accommodations available in Leeds.

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