Student Homes in Elm Grove, Brighton

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Student Accommodation in Elm Grove, Brighton

Student accommodation in Elm Grove is popular among students due to its great atmosphere and close proximity to local comforts, including popular cafes, bars and pubs. Elm Grove Road runs along the bottom of the district and is home to many amenities, including pharmacies, markets and convenience stores.

Student housing in Elm Grove is a short walk to the University of Brighton. The University of Sussex is a bit further afield, taking 30-minutes by bus. Brighton’s City Centre is easy to get to by public transport, taking 30-minutes by bus.

Student accommodation in Brighton is served well by a range of transport links, which makes most districts perfectly located for students. Elm Grove is mainly a residential area, meaning there's plenty of accommodation to choose from. From single room flats to double bedroom student house shares, there’s bound to be something in Elm Grove to suit your needs. 

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