Student Homes in Hove, Brighton

Student Accommodation in Hove, Brighton

Hove is a quieter side to Brighton, with a relaxed atmosphere and step away from the buzz of the city. Student accommodation here is close to Hove's seafront, making it perfect for beach lovers. Eateries, such as pizzerias, kebab shops and bistros, are dotted along Church Road which runs through the district. Hove Lawns are a popular spot for a summer BBQ in the warmer months, and are home to the famous colourful beach huts.

Hove is slightly further out from the University of Brighton than the City Centre, taking about 40 minutes by bus. The journey to the University of Sussex takes about 50 minutes by train. Transport links in Brighton are great for getting around to both campuses, and Hove train station sits right in the middle of the district.

Student housing in Hove is in close proximity to the City Centre, which is is only a short walk away, and is a central location for bars and nightlife. Accommodation is mainly in terraced housing, and properties in the area offer en suites, double bedrooms and modern kitchens. Located close to the City Centre, Hove is great for those who want to be close to the action but prefer a quieter atmosphere.

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