6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Student Home with UniHomes

Maybe it’s your first time looking for your own student home and you’ve not got a clue where to start? Or last year’s house hunt was just an epic fail? 

We’ve pulled together this handy guide to help you find your next all-inclusive student home in just 6 easy steps. 

1. Find the perfect housemates

There’s nothing worse than thinking you have the perfect housemates, only to find out all about their irritating habits, and the fact they never pay their rent on time after you’ve moved in! There’s a big difference between good mates and good housemates, so pick wisely now and save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run. 

If you’re not 100% sure about the people you’ll be living with, there could be arguments later down the line, and you could find yourself in a situation where you’re seeking replacement housemates. Better to decide early on who you can really put up with for the next year.  

2. Agree what you’re looking for

As there’s so many student houses on the market, it’s easy to panic and sign for the first place you come across. However, you first need to devise a check list of what you’re looking for so you can narrow down your search. 

It might be that some of your group want to be close to your university, or chosen campus. For others, having a good sized bedroom with a double bed and space to study might be more essential. You may not find a property that ticks everyone’s boxes, so decide now what’s important and if there are any areas you’re willing to compromise on. This will save you wasting time viewing the flat above the kebab shop which leaves your clothes (and you!) stinking of donna meat, just because it’s cheap rent – not ideal. 

3. Search on UniHomes

UniHomes has a huge range of flats, apartments and shared houses in your city and it’s never been easier to filter by your university, desired area, number of bedrooms, or amount your looking to pay per week.

All of the properties on UniHomes are priced with bills included, this way when you’re searching and comparing a number of homes, you know exactly how much each one will cost you every week.  

Also, bear in mind whether a property has a deposit and admin fee that you need to budget for, you can see these fees listed under the price breakdown of each property.  

4. Compare the price, amenities and location of multiple houses

As you scroll through the website and see a property you like the look of, just click the shortlist heart and this will be added to your shortlist. You can see your shortlist at any time by clicking the heart at the top right of the screen. 

By registering on our site, you are able to then share this shortlist with your housemates via a number of social media and messaging options. 

If you then decide that a property isn’t up to your standards, simply uncheck the ‘added’ button to remove a property from your shortlist. 

5. Book viewings for your favourites

Agree on the houses you and your new housemates would like to view and agree on the best days that you will all be able to view the house together.  Once you’ve done this you can book your viewings in one easy click! 

Send multiple booking requests to all the landlords and agents of your favourite properties by clicking the ‘Book a viewing with all’ button. It would be good at this stage to mention the dates that would be best for you and your housemates. Each landlord or agent will then be in touch with you to book a viewing at your convenience. 

Try and make sure as many of your housemates are there for the viewing as possible so you can decide there and then if it’s right for you. With the agents permission, take pictures, make notes and speak with the current housemates to help with choosing which of the properties you view is the house for you. 

6. Sign up

Don’t feel pressured to sign for the house there and then, it’s natural you’ll want to go away and think about the location and property. A contract is a legally binding document, so a good landlord should never put pressure on you. 

When you are sure that have picked the right house, you can secure the house on an all inclusive basis, so you know your water, electricity, gas, TV licence and Internet are up and running when you move in.

In most cities, the hunt for your next student home begins between November and January, however if you’ve left finding your perfect university home until now - don’t panic! We still have hundreds of great quality flats, apartments and houses - all including bills! 

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