One Bedroom Student Flats in Bath

There are plenty of great areas to find student accommodation in Bath, each with unique features which make student living great. If you prefer your own space and want to enjoy the quieter side of studying in Bath, 1-bedroom student flats will be your best option. These are cosy and comfortable for individuals, and there are plenty of spacious apartments available.

Not all of the student areas in Bath offer 1-bedroom apartments, but they're common in Bathwick, Combe Down and Oldfield Park. These are ideal locations for those studying at the University of Bath, with the majority of the university campuses close by.

There are plenty of 1-bedroom student flats in Bath's city centre, which is in the heart of the student action. The centre is between both universities in Bath and has plenty of great transport links to help you get around.

For those who are heading to Bath Spa University, you can grab a great 1-bedroom place in Widcombe or Southdown & Odd Down. These areas have great transport links to both the university and the city centre.

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