Student Homes in Oldfield Park, Bath

Student Accommodation in Oldfield Park, Bath

Oldfield Park is considered to be one of the most popular student housing areas in the City of Bath, located close to the city centre and having excellent transport links in and out of the city. The lively student community makes Oldfield Park a preferred choice for both Bath Spa and University of Bath students with a wealth of amenities contributing to the student culture. 

There are many independent cafes and restaurants to choose from to hang out, grab a bite to eat and study by day, and by night the bars and pubs on Bristol Road are a popular spot with students.  The well-known high street fast food chains Papa Johns, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are just some of the other eateries available in the area.

Moorland Road is probably one of the busiest roads in Oldfield Park, the shop-filled street sits within a short walk to Oldfield Park Railway Station where you can jump on a 2-hour train to London. The spa town is perfectly located if heading out of the city for day trips is your things, with train connections to nearby Bristol and as far as Brighton.

Oldfield Park is a prime location for students, as found across the whole city, Georgian architecture lines the streets here and provides a great setting for large student homes. Finding student accommodation to suit any group size here shouldn't prove difficult, with most of the roads lined with 3-4 bedroom terraced properties. Anyone looking for a more premium property will find that Bath is the place for it, with some spectacular double bedroom apartments finished to an extremely high standard towards the city centre. 

Being a World Heritage Site, means that wherever you choose to live in Bath, you'll have access to amazing architecture, stunning landscapes and of course the roman baths and bathing complexes at your fingertips. 

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