Student Homes in Eaton, Norwich

Why Eaton is Great for Students

Despite being a suburb to the south-west of the city of Norwich, Eaton manages to feel like a countryside village. Bordered by Eaton Park and the Eaton Golf Club, there are plenty of outdoor green areas to explore, and the park even has a miniature railway open during the summer months!

Featuring a variety of more affluent residential properties, including some seriously old-school thatched-roof buildings, Eaton also has properties affordable on a student budget. Groups of three or four sharers have a range of fabulous student properties to choose from, though larger groups will struggle to find bigger houses in Eaton and instead way want to opt for two properties rather than one.

Public transport routes are available to both university campuses from Eaton, and into the city centre via Newmarket Road, one of the main arteries into Norwich. On warmer days, students studying at the University of East Anglia may even want to walk along Bluebell Road, past Eaton Park to reach the main campus, taking in the beautiful Norfolk countryside and the historic flower-fields which Eaton was once known for.

Outside of Eaton Park and Golf Club, students in Eaton seeking opportunities for socialising aren’t far from Unthank Road, the commercial centre of the Golden Triangle. Here you’ll find a huge selection of stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, markets and more to explore.

Whatever you’re looking for, UniHomes are here to help you find the perfect, all-inclusive student accommodation in Eaton for the next academic year.

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