Four Bedroom Student Houses in London

A 4-bedroom student house in London is perfect for a group of mates who want to live together throughout their studies. These student pads are spacious, modern and often fully furnished, and there's plenty of availability across the city.

London's most popular student suburbs have a variety of 4-bedroom student houses available. King's College London and University College London are close to the neighbourhoods of King's Cross and Regent's Park - which are both within walking distance to campus. For students at the University of Greenwich, 4-bedroom homes can be found dotted across Greenwich and are perfect for getting to lectures.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes offer a wide selection of 4-bedroom student houses in London, which all have the added benefit of being all inclusive of bills. If you're looking for a different group size, or have a particular student district in mind, we're sure to have a property to suit your requirements!

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