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Student Homes in Portsmouth City Centre

Portsmouth city centre is the hub of the city’s action and is packed full of student life. As well as being home to the University of Portsmouth, the city centre encompasses the popular Cascade’s shopping centre, green space Victoria Park, and the train station.

With dozens of the city’s most famous bars, restaurants and clubs sitting in the centre within walking distance, the nightlife is perfect for night-owls, and you'll never be short when it comes to things to do.

Student homes in in Portsmouth city centre are slightly more expensive than the rest of the city. However, with everything at your fingertips, it's worth spending a little bit extra. With the university just a minute walk away, the area is perfect for those who like being in the middle of the action.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes have a bunch of student accommodation in Portsmouth’s city centre, and we have plenty of options to suit your requirements. If the city centre isn't for you, we have student homes available across all of Portsmouth. Plus, with UniHomes, every single home comes with bills all included.

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