The Best Wine Bars for Students in the UK

The Best Wine Bars for Students in the UK

16 February 2021 • 5 min read

Did somebody say beveragino? Here are the best wine bars in the UK for students 👇

We all need something to help us unwind... and, in the words of French biologist Louis Pasteur: “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” If that wasn’t enough reason to pour yourself a glass and kick back, we don't know what is 🍷

While lockdown will keep celebrations to our own homes this year, it won’t be long until the bars are open again. To give you a head start, we’ve put together the following list of the UK’s best wine bars that boast a broad selection of wines (with student prices to boot).

Barton Street Wine Bar, Bath

Take a seat and snuggle up with a big glass of something strong in Barton Street Wine Bar, Bath. Students can make themselves at home in this cosy wine bar; bringing jazz café vibes and affordable prices, this quaint little joint makes for the perfect place to catch up.

If you go on the weekend, you might even get to sample the sounds of a local pianist, which somehow makes drinking booze feel much more of a sophisticated affair. If you want to go all out, get your mates to chip in with you on the mouth-watering cheese or meat platters that Barton Street Wine Bar has to offer.

Erst, Manchester

The industrial chic and friendly atmosphere of Erst offer a modern twist on stuffy wine bars with extortionately priced drinks. But make no mistake; the wine selection here is still exquisite, ranging from household names to lesser-known gems. 

With an open-plan layout and large windows, this spot is ideal for soothing away the stress of student life. Delicious, creative small plates are served and change depending on the seasons, combining the best of British food with experimental flavours from across the globe. The wine list won’t blow your budget, either. In other words, what more could you want?

The Wallow, Norwich

Are there no better two words in the English language than 'self-service'? When it comes to wine, certainly not. Who would've thought that dispensing machines featuring a vast and ever-changing selection of wines would make for the perfect place to relax after a long day of lectures? Clearly, the founders of The Wallow wine bar in Norwich are on to something. 

Over 50 choices of white, red, rose and sparkling wines can be purchased by simply inserting your pre-paid card. As with any standard wine bar, you can try before you buy, so you don’t have to front the cash for something you hate either.

elm, Sheffield

Excellent wine, efficient service and reasonable prices: if a wine bar satisfies these three categories, you’re on to a winner. Perhaps the city’s best wine bar, elm is an independent spot dedicated to supporting small producers who work sustainably to bring Sheffield a long list of delicious wines. So, whether you’re a connoisseur of red wines or favour the subtle taste of a pale rosé, you’ll be sorted here.

The people who run this place are super welcoming and passionate about sharing their knowledge of wines and cheese, so don’t hesitate to ask if you aren’t sure what to get!

Traders Wine Bar, London 

It’s been described as the best wine bar in London, and we can definitely see why. Not only does the wine list offer a variety of reasonably priced wines from across the globe, ranging from big brands to experimental flavours, but the atmosphere here is always buzzing. The staff are so friendly that a trip to Traders can feel like you’ve invited friends to your student home for a drink.

Did you fall in love with a particular wine? Traders also runs as a shop if you want to take something home that you’ve enjoyed, or just drop in to grab a bottle for the evening.

Lazy Lounge, Leeds

It may not exclusively serve wine, but when it comes to student bars that offer a vast selection of vino for affordable prices, Lazy Lounge in Leeds is where it’s at. As per the name, the atmosphere here is super laid back, and the staff are always all-too-happy to dispense their knowledge of wines to help you choose. Their wine list has won awards, so rest assured you’ll be drinking some fine beverages here.

The high ceilings, contemporary decor and an open plan layout make the place feel spacious, even when it’s busy.  It’s light, bright, breezy and ideal for both a sophisticated soiree and a couple of pre-drinks before a wild night out.

No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

A Swansea classic; the No Sign wine bar on Wind St is an independent wine bar that boasts a long list of fine wines without the snobbery and elitism that competitors can’t shake – and that’s what gives this place its distinct charm. Offering some of the best in Swansea’s live music, a lounge feel and an exceptional service from a team of passionate bar staff, you’ll feel comfortable sampling the wines in this family-run establishment. This is the perfect spot for a small party – whether you’ve just passed an exam or you're celebrating a birthday.

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