Six Bedroom Student Houses in Falmouth

A 6-bedroom student house in Falmouth is perfect for a large group of mates who enjoy busy communal living. If you're looking to keep up the vibe of living in student halls, a six bedroom property is the way to go. There are some fantastic student properties across Falmouth, with plenty of different options available to suit your needs.

Budock Terrace and Penryn are the most popular student districts among students in Falmouth, so living nearby comes with a fantastic student vibe. With great transport links around the city, getting to campus is super easy. Falmouth University's main campus is found near the town centre, and there are plenty of 6-bedroom student houses in the surrounding areas.

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes have a bunch of 6-bedroom student houses in Falmouth, which are available across the city. If you

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