Here are the Best Sandwich Shops in the UK

Nothing beats a good sarnie. Whatever filling is your fave, we’ve listed the best sandwich shops in the UK below👇

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Judging by the latest data, the answer is no one – apparently; Brits buy a staggering 3.5 billion sandwiches every year. Despite competition from fancy salads and noodle boxes, the humble sandwich still reigns supreme.

Whether BLT is your bae, egg mayo is the way, or you’ve got a passion for a Ploughman’s, we’ve scoured the UK for the best sandwich shops to suit your tastes. Here are our faves! 🥪

Amaretto Delicatessen, Norwich

George St in central Norwich is home to an award-winning Italian Deli that offers a delicious range of freshly made sandwiches. This place gives Subway a run for its money with mouth-watering bread baked fresh every morning.

For the meat lovers among you, the Salami Focaccia is an absolute MUST, while veggies will lick their lips at the Goats Cheese, Caramelised Onion and Lettuce Baguette. There’s always a fast-moving queue during the lunch rush, so we recommend getting in there early to get your favourite filling.

Hell’s Kitchen, Brighton

Known for their “deadly sandwiches, savage salads and sinful sides”, Hell’s Kitchen sandwich bar on New England St in Brighton is the place to go for some next-level lunch. Sandwiches here are stacked high and packed with a fierce punch of flavour. 

Chow down on Cajun shrimp piled on crispy salad in their Po Boy Baguette or sample some scrumptious chicken Schnitzel topped with sun-blushed tomato and avocado between two slices of freshly baked bloomer bread. If you’re looking for a sample of the real Hell’s Kitchen, try their take on the New York classic Reuben - your tastebuds can thank us later.

Feast, Sheffield

Reasonably priced and outrageously delicious, it’s no wonder that Feast on Chapel Walk is one of Sheffield’s best loved sandwich shops. The friendly staff prepare a host of tasty treats that serve as a welcome alternative to the factory packed chain shop sandwiches. Turn the heat up and sample their Jalepiño Panini, or their classic Peri Peri chicken with Nando’s sauce.

We’ve also heard talk of a secret menu that you’ll only get access to by asking – apparently, the ham and cheese toastie is buttered on the outside and dipped in cheese. To us, that sounds like a quick and delicious way to cure a hangover!

Café Thrive, Southampton

Serving delicious and nutritious lunch at affordable prices, it’s no wonder that Café Thrive is a student favourite for plant-based sandwich shop in Southampton. Their Smokey Seitan Toasted Sandwich is to die for on a cold winter’s day, while their Mediterranean Cashew Cheese offering will make you wonder why you ever depended on dairy.

Keep an eye out for their specials, as past options have included soft steamy bow buns filled with sticky seitan and pickled vegetables, and the vegan version of the Philly Cheesesteak Baguette. This is truly a place to make even the mega meat lovers question their choices…

Sandwich Sandwich, Bristol

Prepare to have your mind blown. Voted the best independent sandwich retailer in the UK in 2019, this shop can be found in 5 locations across Bristol. Stop by for lunch and try their famous Fried Chicken Sandwich, coated in their signature spicy creole sauce and complete with a generous helping of luxury coleslaw.

Alternatively, experience veggie sandwich supremacy with their Sweet Potato Pakora, Carrot and Cucumber offering, topped with mint yoghurt and fresh sprigs of coriander. Highly Instagrammable and packed to fill you up for the day, this is a flavour sensation between two slices of farmhouse bread.

Brod Sandwich Bar Leeds

Let’s be honest - not all sandwiches are made equal. At Brod Sandwich Bar in Leeds city centre, they take lunch seriously. Take their Mashed Avocado and Halloumi Baguette, for example. This little piece of heaven packs a hell of a lot of flavour, combining the sweetness of vine ripened tomatoes with the punch of chilli flakes and the tang of rocket to top it off. 

We should also give a shout out to the Cajun Chicken MelT that we sampled (scoffed) and enjoyed (adored) - the melted cheese on the top makes you wonder why you don’t just melt cheese on every sandwich (shut up, calories).

Rising Café, Coventry

A vibrant atmosphere and a warm welcome from the lovely team will greet you upon entry at the Rising Café in Coventry. The sandwiches here are sublime – combining big flavours with freshly baked bread to create exactly the kind of wholesome treat you’re looking for.

We recommend their take on the traditional Ploughman’s: it packs ham, homemade hot sauce, cheese, tomatoes and pickled onion between warm, fresh bread. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, we don’t know what will! Just one visit and you’ll start turning your nose up at the supermarket sandwich aisle. 

Thyme Deli, Bath

Head down to Thyme Deli on Westgate St in Bath, where fresh baguettes are served by a friendly team for extremely reasonable prices. The choice of filling can seem overwhelming, and each are as delicious as each other – but fortunately, the staff don’t mind indecisiveness (take it from us!) – they deliver an excellent service and make sandwiches so big you’ll need a knife and fork to eat them.

Their Breakfast Whammy Bap is all the sustenance you could need in one sandwich: a beautifully cooked egg sitting atop a mound of mouth-watering meat. 

Andre’s Food Bar, Portsmouth

We don’t know what kind of magic they’re using, but the folks at Andre’s Food Bar gets the balance of filling to bread perfect every time. But that’s not all. This is the type of sandwich joint where the bread isn’t treated as a vehicle for the filling: it has a leading role in the flavour experience.

We’re not even being OTT here – their Spanish Chorizo and Mozzarella Bagel is topped with rocket, tomato and balsamic glaze... and it's next level. Plus, their legendary homemade Garlic Chicken Baguette makes grown men cry (okay, now we’re exaggerating.) 

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