Student Accommodation in Derby

Derby is a popular destination for both leisure and business, and hosts more than 7 million visitors every single year. It's safe to say that those who are looking to call Derby home will find that the city has plenty to offer. Home to the University of Derby, which attracts almost 20,000 students each year, the city offers an impressive student experience. The university has an envious reputation for being among the top 10 in the world for the international student learning experience, according to the Global ISB Benchmark Group, demonstrating the impressive diversity and culture on campus.

Student accommodation in Derby can be found right across the city among several popular student hotspots. Neighbourhoods such as the city centre, Ashbourne Road, Mackworth, and Uttoxeter New Road are all highly sought-after due to their prime location in the city. Each of these areas are within walking distance to campus, local cafes and pubs. Plus, they're close enough to the beauty of Markeaton Park, which can be explored during breaks between lectures.

Students looking for more of a rural living experience have plenty of options in Derby. Areas like Buxton and Allestree have beautiful architecture and offer easy access to stunning gardens which are always teeming with wildlife.

Regardless of which location you choose to call home, there are numerous housing options available in Derby. Students have the option to stay in cosy studio apartments or larger house shares, and there are properties of all shape and sizes on offer.

Being a Student in Derby

Derby has a way of quickly winning you over with its charming offerings. The city is located in the heart of the most breathtaking countryside the UK has to offer, and it caters to all types of students. Plus, Derby’s central location allows students the opportunity to easily explore popular destinations close by, such as the Peak District, in next to no time. For those who want to keep the adventure going, Ashbourne, Buxton, and Bakewell are all close enough for a day out.

Students who enjoy unwinding from their studies, or spending an evening partaking in a little retail therapy, will be happy to know that Derby has plenty to explore. If you decide to visit Babington Lane, get prepared to be blown away by a completely different shopping experience. The shops that fill this street range from unique indie shops to quirky specialist stores. Another popular shopping destination in Derby is the Cathedral Quarter. This delightful cobbled neighbourhood not only has specialty retailers, but features several well-known bars and cafes.

While studies are important, students are always up for enjoying a memorable night out. Even though Derby is known for its stunning landscapes and easy-going lifestyle, there's still some exciting nightlife to enjoy. For instance, head to Mosh; their nightlife experience is on a whole other level with their legendary student night each Monday.

Coupled with the quirky nightlife, Derby offers plenty of live music offerings for students who are interested in up-and-coming artists and bands. Places like the Hairy Dog and the Victoria Inn frequently hold small music events with excellent drinks and tasty food.

University of Derby Accommodation

Students who choose to attend the University of Derby will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the area's local culture. With the primary campus spread throughout Kedleston Road, Britannia Mill and Markeaton Street, most essential amenities are within walking distance. Plus, campus isn't far from popular student housing areas such as Ashbourne Rd and Derby's city centre. In addition to several popular bars and cafes, the university features a range of key facilities - from a spa and hospital to a recording studio and various sporting venues.

Why UniHomes?

Our extensive range of student accommodation in Derby will provide you with endless opportunities to explore everything the city has to offer. From quaint apartments to sprawling houses, UniHomes are here to help you find the very best housing experience possible. Plus, any housing options you select with us will be all inclusive of bills!

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