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One Bedroom Student Flats in Keele

A 1-bedroom student flat in Keele is ideal for those who seek a space to call their own. From stylish studio apartments to spacious one-bedroom flats, there’s a range of options that are ideal for students looking to settle into solo living. 

The little town of Keele is renowned for its charm and personality. Since it's predominantly occupied by a student population, living off campus isn’t as daunting as it may be in other UK cities.

Many of the 1-bedroom student flats in Keele are affordable, contemporary and only a short drive from the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, home to a host of independent shops, bars and restaurants. With its buzzing high street, Newcastle-under-Lyme is just two miles east of Keele University and has a selection of 1-bedroom student flats and studio apartments to choose from. 

As well as Newcastle-under-Lyme, second and third year students tend to gravitate towards accommodation in Hanley to take advantage of the shopping options, entertainment complex and range of nightclubs on offer. 

A 10-minute drive from Keele University is Chesterton, where prices for accommodation are often lower and students can take advantage of the selection of local pubs and shops. Regular buses link Chesterton back to the university, so you’ll never feel too far away from the action!

Why UniHomes?

UniHomes have a host of 1-bedroom student flats in Keele and the surrounding areas to suit all budgets. Find the perfect pad in the right place and enjoy the freedom that you won’t get in shared accommodation. Our student homes come with bills included in the weekly rent fees, giving you the peace of mind that the costs of utilities are already taken of.

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