10 Things Sheffield and Leeds Students Should Do At Least Once

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of love for the cities of Sheffield and Leeds in the UniHomes office. Not least because our student accommodation service proudly operates in both cities - having been founded in Sheffield in 2015 - but also because Sheffield and Leeds are the quintessential Yorkshire cities - representing everything great about living in the county that natives often refer to as God’s Own Country! And if you’re a university student residing in either city, you will be fast-approaching the end of the academic year - and perhaps student life entirely, if it’s your final year - which means you could be about to go home until September, if not leave Yorkshire for good. So, with that said, here’s the UniHomes bucket list of 10 things that all Sheffield and Leeds students should do at least once…

1. Join the Otley Run, Leeds

Leeds’largest pub crawl for most, but for students, the Otley Run is a sixteen-pub, Everest-like pilgrimage of alcoholic endurance. Stretching from Woodies in Headingley to the Dry Dock - a pub in the form of an actual ship - a stone’s throw from the city centre, this infamous pub crawl is perfect for celebrations, initiations, club socials or a good, old-fashioned day session. Pace yourself, eat well beforehand and choose your drinks wisely - it doesn’t have to end in tears. Fancy dress encouraged!

2. Visit Tramlines Festival, Sheffield

Now in its tenth year, Sheffield’s citywide music festival is celebrating its anniversary in style from July 20th to 22nd with a move to Hillsborough Park. Considering the festival’s humble beginnings on Devonshire Green almost a decade ago, Tramlines Ten promises to be one of the biggest parties South Yorkshire has ever seen - with a line-up boasting the likes of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Stereophonics, Blossoms, Milburn and Jake Bugg. The city’s many independent venues also get in on the action as part of the Tramlines Fringe - offering countless unsigned bands and artists an invaluable platform to perform to revelling festival-goers across the weekend. Tramlines might not be free these days, but the cost of a weekend ticket is worth every penny.

3. Relax at Hyde Park (Leeds)

Given the bewildering climate trends we’ve had to endure so far in 2018, this is certainly more hope than expectation, but sunning oneself on Hyde Park is by far the best way for students to spend a hot spring day in Leeds. Should a solitary ray of sunshine break through the dreary West Yorkshire clouds come the end of exam season, expect to see hundreds of fellow students charging up Woodhouse Lane - juggling cases of cheap cider and lager - as they descend on the LS6 park for a seemingly annual day of fun and sun. This is Leeds student living at its best.

4. Explore the Peak District (Sheffield)

Sheffield students can enjoy 555 square miles of nature and wildlife courtesy of the UK’s first-ever national park, the Peak District. Formed in 1951 and visited by approximately ten million ramblers a year, the Peak District covers parts of Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire, and is easily accessible from Sheffield. And for students without a car, the public transport services serving the area have never been better. If you’re in need of a timeout away from the hustle bustle of city life, or a day of reflection among some of the most breathtaking countryside the UK has to offer, a day in the Peaks might just be what the doctor ordered.

5. Cure your hangover at Popina’s, Leeds

Leeds’ Popina’s is often responsible for summoning students from the comfort of their beds after a night of overindulgence. Even the most vicious, crippling hangover is no match for the restaurant’s famous Mega Breakfast. Situated in the heart of Leeds’ student campuses, Popina’s is a student-friendly haven of hangover-banishing comfort food solutions. And if you can manage to finish their colossal breakfast platter, you’ll get your money back and be immortalised forever on Popina’s wall of fame!

6. Drink a blue pint at Corp, Sheffield

Many a stupefied student has attempted to acquire the secret recipe behind Corporation’s range of rainbow-coloured pints, only to fail once more and return to the bar in a state of blissful ignorance. Besides the club’s sticky floors, devilishly slippery staircases and its endearing, grungy charm, Corp is best known for its mysteriously-concocted, coloured vodka pints. Speaking from experience, we reckon they’re roughly 40% home-brewed vodka, 10% alcopop and about 50% regret. Start with just the one at first. Seriously…

7. See a film at Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

Like Popina’s, Hyde Park Picture House is also located right in the middle of the city’s student patch. At a whopping 104 years old, this independent cinema is one of the oldest of its kind in the UK - with its original, ornate features and external box office - offering film fanatics an authentic experience rarely found at the mainstream chains. Showing everything from arthouse and independent films to the big, new releases, there’s something for everyone here - perfect for a cosy date or a quiet evening off the sauce!

8. Support the local music scene at West Street Live, Sheffield

Not only is West Street Live one of the most popular and unique bars in the city - where would we even begin to describe their quirky array of cocktails and creative concoctions? - but the bar also doubles up as a venue, playing a vital role in keeping local music alive. Offering opportunities to both young and emerging unsigned bands from the region and afar, WSL stages gigs 7 nights a week. Sheffield certainly has a knack for producing world-beating musicians - Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, Pulp and Bring Me the Horizon, to name a few - so whenever you’re planning your next night out, why not head into town a few hours earlier and catch a gig at West Street Live? You might just discover your new favourite band…

9. Eat at Whitelock’s, Leeds

Having been Leeds’ very own ale house institution for over three centuries - meaning it is literally older than the USA - what would your stay in Yorkshire be without a taste of arguably the finest regional cuisine in the city? Their beer-battered fish finger sandwiches, home-made Scotch eggs and beef & ale pies are unreal. Long live Whitelock’s!

10. Visit Heeley City Farm, Sheffield

A farm in the middle of a city? It could only happen in the hilly, green pastures of Sheffield and we love it. Heeley City Farm is perfect for a budget day out among your favourite furry critters, farm animals, reptiles and even a few creepy-crawlies! Managed entirely by friendly volunteers, the farm does wonders for the local community and is well worth an afternoon of your time.

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