Staying on Top of Mental Health at University

Written by Yasmin Jukes, one of our Brand Ambassadors 

University is an adventure for all students, filled with amusement, socialising and endless opportunities, however, times of difficulty can often be faced along the way too. 

It’s a new experience for the majority, to be living away from home, cooking for yourself, trying to juggle assignments with a social life, playing sports and making friends. The independence may be exciting to some but can be overwhelming for others.

Do you take care of your mental health? 🧠

We hope you answered yes. Here are some of the challenges students are currently facing, along with positive acts to overcome them.

1. Checking up on your friend’s mental health throughout your university journey is incredibly important for maintaining overall good health. It will mean a lot to your friends asking how their day went or how they’re feeling. Most of the time, positive actions and comments are reciprocated so you will receive positivity back to you.

2. Living away from home independently is a big change, financial stress on top of this can be a burden on student’s stress levels. Budgeting is a great way to cut out unnecessary purchases so you can maximise where your money is being spent. Limiting how much you go out to restaurants and bars will decrease your outgoings. Why not cook something with friends – or host a house party?

3. Be inclusive of your neighbours/peers. If you know others who aren’t having a great time, don’t get on with their flatmates or feel alone - invite them along! Being a supportive friend can be a blessing, however, do make sure you help your friends to seek professional help through their university or support systems if it’s getting too much for you. Your own energy and wellbeing is important too!

4. Don’t lose touch with your home network. Why not make time to call or Facetime people who are important to you? They’re part of your support system after all. Feeling homesick is temporary, lots of other students will be in the same position as you. Feeling alone is also common and you’re not the only person going through it. Try to make yourself feel at ease in your new home by making your room a homely and stylish environment with decorations and photos!

5. University is an important time to work and grow as an individual; therefore, putting yourself and your health first is vital. Make the most of opportunities which come your way, however, never feel pressured or compare yourself to others. Self-awareness will lead to becoming the best version of yourself and striving for positive improvement.

6. Planning your time effectively is crucial to managing a balance between work and social life at university. Living an unorganised life can lead to stress and forgetting things. Keeping a diary will not only ensure you’re aware of deadlines but will also allow you to organise time for completing assignments and meeting people around your commitments.

7. Knowing what industry you would like to work in in the future is challenging for most students. It’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do as there’s still plenty of time to figure it all out. Throughout university, stay engaged in areas which are of interest to you. This way you’re more likely to gravitate towards a job which is not only suited to your skillset, but which you also enjoy.

8. Try something new, whether that be a new sport, fitness class or society. Physical hobbies such as pilates or yoga are great for unwinding whilst getting in a form of exercise. Additionally, these empower positive mental wellbeing and give you the chance to meet new people.

9. Setting realistic goals will not only mean they’re attainable but will also lead to increased self-esteem upon completion. Knowing that you have the power to achieve them will motivate you to make it happen. If your goals are impractical, you will waste excessive time trying to attain the unachievable. 

10. Not everyone has a network where they can find support. Student Minds are a great charity who’re dedicated to creating positive mental health for students. They publicise a variety of posts on their blog which are extremely helpful from fellow students. There’s also a useful support page on their website displaying the services out there for yourself or those you know. 

UniHomes are an advocate for positive mental wellbeing. For every bonus task our brand ambassadors complete in March, we’ll match this payment by donating the equivalent to Student Minds. 


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