Freshers Week - Everything You Need To Know

Ok so Freshers Week isn’t for the faint-hearted and it’s time to buckle up and take it by the horns. Here’s a little bit of what to expect by day and night, come rain or shine. 

The Living Situ 🏡 

Woohoo, you’re free, you’re finally moving out and you’ve got the freedom to do WHATEVER you want, Pre drinks at yours? Go for it. Netflix for 18 hours straight? All yours. Same clothes for 3 days straight? You do you babes. 

Ok so you may not have Mum or Dad breathing down your neck, but don’t expect the new living situation and total freedom to be quite everything it’s made out to be. Making sure you don’t run out of loo roll and eat at least a vegetable a day is harder than it seems – thrown in with sharing a block of halls with 100’s of strangers – it can be daunting, so get to know your roomies and you’ve got yourself a good set of besties to face freshers with! 

The Reason You’re Here 🎓

Let’s just remember that you’ve not landed in a new city just to live your best social life – there is that little thing called a degree you’re here for too – so best knuckle down and get the boring bits out of the way so you can crack on with the freshers fun. 

In the first couple of weeks at uni, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed all your registrations, campus tours and picked up your ID. You will probably have had your timetable sent over via the uni portal, so you can start to cross-reference those late starts with the best student nights out, you know, because, priorities.  

The Freebies 🤑 

Once you’ve got the essential (*cough* boring!) part out of the way you’ll want to head down to the freebie fair that your student union is putting on. This is where you’ll no doubt take part in a spin the wheel or two, get your hands on some free pizza and maybe even a free hair cut! You’ll come away with more freebies than your arms can manage and have a stash of pens to last you a lifetime. 

Although these fairs are fun and you’ll get a shit ton of free stuff, you may actually get to meet some useful local businesses (and bars) with some pretty decent student discounts and special offers – have a read through the handouts you get and hold on to anything you may feel could be useful.

The Societies 🤓 

As well as the Freebie fairs there will also be the society fairs you can have a nosey around – which is where you can sign up to the university sports societies or the more alternative clubs – like the Disney society (whatever floats your boat!).

The Best Shots Around Town 🥳 

By night, it’s a different story – this is where you will REALLY get to know the student haunts of the city as well as how many sambucas your housemates can handle 🤮. You can make your own way around the freshers' vibes or they’ll be wristbands available giving you access to the best freshers deals in a variety of bars – check out your student union to find out more about these.

Fresher’s Flu 🤒 

It’s a thing. Two weeks of partying until all hours and getting up early to head down to uni you’ll do well not to get taken out by the freshers' flu, the hangover of all hangovers when you’ll wish for a minute you we’re back home with Mum fussing over your every need. 

Best tips to stay one step ahead of fresher flu, stock up on the vitamins, stay hydrated (no Tequila doesn’t count) and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep at least every 24 hours! 

Post Freshers Reality 😐 

Your fresher experience is sure to give you a good taste of university life, and it’s going to be super exciting! However, once the crazy part of fresher’s week is over, the reality of being away from home may begin to kick in and like a lot of people you could find yourself feeling homesick and a bit skint. Don’t worry by the end of the month that first student loan payment will hit your bank account and you’ll be able to do a decent food shop for some home comforts. 

Next comes the almighty house hunt for year two – wait, what?! - we hear you say, but although you’ve only been here a couple of months, it’s gonna be time to start thinking about making the leap from halls of residence into private student accommodation for year 2, very very soon. 

It’s a good idea to start thinking about who you’d like to live with (and who you don’t!), where you’d like to be and what options are going to be the best to save money as well as convenient for you and your housemates. It’s good to research how university students go about finding their home for the second year and what you should look for when house hunting, because let’s face it – we’ve always left that to mum and dad!

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