Here are the Best Christmas Films Available on Netflix for Students this Year

If you’re in need for a mood-booster or spirit-lifter, make sure you give some of these Christmas films a watch 🎅

Let’s face it – this Christmas isn’t what most of us had in mind. But Christmas is what you make of it, and there’s nothing a good bit of telly and a cup of hot chocolate (or something stronger) can’t heal. This in mind, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas films to watch on streaming services in 2020. 

Let it Snow

Available on Netflix

If you’re looking for a modern Christmas film that still packs the same feels as the old classics, this is it. A relatable, hilarious rom-com, this 2019 Netflix original takes place in a snowstorm in Illinois that brings together a group of high school students on Christmas Eve. Their interconnected love stories may not make for a ground-breaking movie plot, but they do make for a compelling, surprising and charming Christmas film that’s bound to get you feeling warm and fuzzy (and Googling the cast to pinpoint what you’ve seen them in before).

The Grinch

Available on Netflix

Grab some snacks, bring the duvet to the sofa, get some candles on and sink into this bright and beautiful animated update on the Dr Seuss Christmas tale. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the iconic character of the Grinch, and kills it as usual, bellowing orders at his faithful dog Max and bringing gloom to the cheery citizens of Whoville. Although critics have claimed this rendition of the Grinch is significantly less mean than former incarnations, it works in context with the cutesy animation that somehow makes the protagonist loveable from the moment the movie begins.

The Holidate

Available on Netflix

Being single during the holidays can be hard: everywhere you look, there’s reminders of what you’re missing. For Emma Roberts’ character in the Holidate, the answer is simple: get yourself a no-strings date to bring along to events around every holiday in the calendar. Naturally, this doesn’t go as smoothly as either she or her date in question (Luke Bracey) had in mind. As you probably guessed, the pair catch feels – but this film has more than a few surprises up its sleeve. More of a student-watch than fun-for-all-the-family, this seasonal yet raunchy rom-com is easy viewing on the run up to Christmas. 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Available on Netflix

If you loved the Greatest Showman, this one is a must watch. Set in the vibrant town of Cobbleton, the Christmas musical centres around a toymaker named Jeronicus Jangle. Despite boasting a back-catalogue of incredible creations, Jeronicus gives toy-making up after his apprentice steals his most prized creation - and becomes famed for the fanciful inventions he has stolen from his employer. Fortunately, a surprise encounter with his equally inventive granddaughter inspires Jeronicus to return to his former glory. Jingle Jangle is a magical combination of memorable showtunes, an enchanting story and a vast array of impressively intricate and colourful costumes. What more could you want?


Available on Netflix

This tear-jerking Santa origin story is everything you want at Christmas: a heart-warming tale, fun-filled scenes and gorgeous animation. The film follows the story of Jesper, a rich-kid-turned-postman tasked with the challenge of setting up a fully functioning postal service in a remote snowy village of Smeerensberg. Odds stacked against him, Jesper strives to bring joy to the town through letters and parcels. After befriending an old toymaker named Klaus, their gifts deliver a sack-full of festive cheer through the town. Their unlikely friendship sparks character development that gets to the heart of the holiday spirit – we won’t spoil it, but this beautiful newcomer has the potential for a place amongst the Christmas classics. 

Muppets Christmas Carol

Available on Amazon Prime TV

Arguably the best rendition of the Dickens classic, the Muppets Christmas Carol should feature on everyone’s must-watch Christmas films for three reasons: the songs are amazing, the ghosts are on point, and it features baby Kermit as Tiny Tim. Michael Caine makes for the perfect Ebenezer Scrooge, and weirdly, you couldn’t pick a human actor to play Bob Cratchit better than Kermit. If this doesn’t pang on the heartstrings and dump a sleigh full of nostalgia into your living room, we don’t know what will! 

The Night Before

Available on Amazon Prime TV

Christmas isn’t all about family – it’s about those ride-or-die friends who stick with you through the ups and downs. The Night Before captures this beautifully in this hilarious festive comedy that follows the story of three best friends celebrating their last Christmas as “young adults”. At the centre of the story is Ethan, whose two best friends have grown up (one has a wife and the other is a famous athlete, standard). As he clings to the past, the three embark on a spirit quest throughout New York City, eventually making it to the legendary Nutcracker ball. Packed full of references, this film is a love story to all your favourite Christmas movies and even features a cameo from Miley Cyrus. 

Home Alone

Available on Disney+

This film ages like a fine wine. Every year, the jokes hit harder and the emotion cuts deeper (or maybe it’s just been a hard year?!). Home Alone invites the viewer to revisit their childhood through the eyes of 8-year-old hero Kevin McCallister, who is left to guard his house from burglars after his parents accidentally leave him behind on the family holiday. Watch as two grown men are put through hell by a little boy with a big imagination – for some reason, it just isn’t Christmas until you’ve seen Joe Pesci, covered in feathers, get pushed down the stairs by a tub of paint on a string.

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