Facts About Student Living All Students Will Relate To

Moving into student accommodation is miles different from living at home. Here are some things that all students living in shared accommodation can relate to.

Student accommodation issues

Moving into student accommodation can be a shock to the system. Leaving behind the home comforts of freshly ironed clothes, an empty rubbish bin and the ease of a dishwasher can all get pretty overwhelming. You'll miss the guarantee of a hot meal, peace and quiet, and clean clothes when leaving home.

But, despite the homesickness, living with your best mates and having your own independence is totally worth the mess. Plus, everyone's in the same boat when it comes to student living. Here are some things you'll probably recognise if you're living in shared student accommodation...

ALL of the washing up

Who knew you had so many pots?! They're overspilling the sink, and you only washed up this morning. With a group of you living together, washing up is a massive chore, making finding a butter knife for your toast a military operation

Passive aggressive notes have become the main form of communication 

No matter how much you love your housemates, when you spend too much time with them they're BOUND to get on your nerves. When tensions are high, even borrowing a slice of bread can cause a spat. Cue the notes (we've all had them).

The bath mat situation

The only thing worse than a dirty kitchen? A dirty bathroom. After all, it’s the one place where, after a bath or shower, you want to feel completely clean.

But with the bath mat, it's never completely clean - no matter how much you try. Straight after it leaves the washing machines it's covered in dirty. What's everyone doing in the bathroom?!

Utility bills appearing on the doormat every other day 

This really isn’t a UniHomes plug. Honest. Sorting utilities is one of the main causes of tension in any student household, and a stress that you would rather do without.

Assigning each member of the house a certain bill rarely works, as one bill is bound to be more or less expensive than another. Should someone miss a payment, that’s when lateness charges begin to appear. The whole system is a house of cards. Good riddance, we say.

The constantly full bin

There's essentially a game of Jenga going on in your kitchen. There are empty pizza boxes, packaging and food debris piled four-foot high, yet you're refusing to take it out. This may be one of the most infuriating things about living in a shared student house.

Once the floodgates open, it turns into chaos. All it takes is one individual to raise the level of rubbish an inch higher than the top of the bin, and everyone loses their minds. Within hours, pizza boxes, milk cartons, bread crusts and beer bottles are teetering over the edge, while the floor has turned into a minefield of used teabags. This would never happen at home.

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