How to Make the Most of Pancake Day as a Student

Written by Anisha Patel, one of our Brand Ambassadors

Vegan, thick or traditional? Whatever your pancake preference, we’ve got you covered. Here are our fave ways to do pancake day as a student...

As students, we’re always looking for cheap and easy recipes to follow. And pancakes fit into our brief perfectly! If you’re wanting to flip in style this year, here are some super easy, healthy AND vegan-friendly ideas to tempt your taste buds.


🥞 Keeping it traditional

Four ingredients – that’s all you need. 100g of plain flour, 2 eggs, 300ml milk and sunflower/vegetable oil. Throw in your imagination for toppings on your creation, and you’re sorted. Try this recipe for the easiest pancakes ever.


Now, we know what you’re thinking, where would be cheapest to get your ingredients? Assuming you already have oil, we’ve crunched the numbers for you.


1.     At the top spot, shopping at Tesco would bring your total to £1.90

2.     In second place, Sainsbury’s works out at a total of £2.00

3.     And finally, Asda will total to £2.14


🥞 Cheat day vs pancake day…

Looking to bulk but lacking your protein needs? Or trying to cut down on sugar? Here’s some ideas:


With this recipe, there’s only 61 calories per pancake. If you enjoy your pancakes sweet, why not add a fresh fruit salad? In fact, to save you the prep time, most supermarkets have fresh fruit salad ready to eat!

1.     Sainsbury's have this amazing exotic fruit salad for only £2 

2.     Not into those fruits? Why not try a berry Medley from Asda, again, for only £2  

3.     Into a bigger variety of fruits? For £2.50, Tesco will have you spoilt for choice with their fruit platter  


For extra protein, add your favourite protein powder to your pancake batter. You won’t be missing out, as there’s an alternative for everything this Shrove Tuesday!


🥞 Looking for a vegan alternative?

For all the vegans out there, we’ve not forgotten about you! Here’s our fave egg-free AND dairy free recipe to leave you drooling for more.


All you need is 300g self-raising flour, 1sp baking powder, 1tbsp sugar, 1tbsp oil, a dash of vanilla extract and 400ml of your favourite plant-based milk. This is the recipe we recommend.


Assuming you already have the basics of sugar and oil, we’ve saved you the job and worked out your cheapest supermarket - taking supermarkets’ own brand of soya milk into an account (prices may vary depending on what milk you choose to use).


1.     Asda ranks cheapest with a total of £3.24

2.     Second place, shopping at Tesco would bring your total to £3.57

3.     And finally, Sainsbury’s works out at a total of £3.80


As these ingredients are bought in bulk, nothing stops you from sharing out the ingredients and splitting the cost with your flatmates - the more the merrier!


🥞 Getting creative

There are plenty of ways in which you can up your pancake game with these hacks. Why not go for something a little different? You can create fun designs on your pancakes in a really easy way.


All you need is a squeezy bottle (like an old ketchup bottle), to fill up with your chosen pancake mix. Firstly, in a pan, outline your pancake shape of choice with the squeezy bottle. Let that cook for a minute and then fill in the rest of your pancake with a little more batter. When your pancake ready, flip it over to see how your artistic skills played out.


There are SO many different combinations when making pancakes. With different designs, fruit choices and even vegan-friendly alternatives - there’s no excuse to miss out.


So, now you have all our secrets on making #PancakeDay a success, use our tips and have a go yourself. Be sure to share on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag @unihomes in your pictures!

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