Student Meal Ideas You HAVE to Try this World Food Day

Looking for some easy student recipes? For World Food Day, we've compiled some of our favourite dishes from around the globe! 🌎

Making delicious and cheap student meals is a healthy and educational way of touring the world from the comfort of your kitchen. Student food doesn’t have to be bland or unimaginative, and World Food Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your taste buds (and your housemates!).

Korean-Style Rice Bowl

Korean food is fast becoming one of the hot trends in takeaway cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you need to blow your student loan on high-end kimchi. Actually, most ingredients for this fresh and flavoursome dish can be found from your local shop and for a fairly reasonable price!

This recipe is as straightforward as it is delicious, takes only 25 minutes to make and packs most of your five-a-day in one EASY student meal – what more could you want?

Check out the recipe by Tesco Real Food here.

Halloumi Flatbreads

Cyprus - the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite - has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet... and it has blessed the world with halloumi cheese! This Mediterranean lunch is a top-notch student meal and is guaranteed to please even the pickiest eater.

Even better, this meal can be prepped double-quick-time and requires very few ingredients. Halloumi flatbreads might just be the best sandwich on the planet (sorry BLT).

Check out the recipe from BBC Good Food here.

Easy One-Pot Pasta Bake

There's something incredibly satisfying about a one-pot recipe. We love this one for the simple steps, the lack of washing up, the affordable ingredients and - most importantly - the amazing flavour.

This Easy One-Pot Pasta Bake is extremely straightforward, only requires five minutes of prep and is perfect for sharing. If you want to revel in a best of British recipe for World Food Day – then this one is for you.

Check out the recipe by Healthy Living James here.

American-Style Pancakes

Pancakes deserve more credit than they get. They’re fun, they’re filling and it doesn’t take an experienced chef to get them just right. Often enjoyed only once per year (why can’t it be Pancake Day every day?!), pancakes are a versatile student meal that can be both savoury and sweet.

This recipe from Jamie Oliver makes some of the nicest American pancakes we've ever tasted, and they can be knocked up in less than twenty minutes. All you need is eggs, flour, baking powder, milk and whatever toppings take your fancy. Happy Flipping!

Check out the recipe from Jamie Oliver here.


There’s nothing like a simple recipe that results in something special, and quesadillas are where it's at. In its most basic form, a quesadilla is simply a grilled tortilla with melted cheese. To us (and to your flatmates), it’s a scrumptious Mexican snack to be shared and savoured.

Quesadillas’ should live in the pantheon of easy student recipes, as all you need is cheese, tortilla wraps and a pan. Once you’ve got the knack for them, you may want to explore the millions of possibilities for flavour combinations. If you just want a simple way to customise your Quesadilla, add some onions to bring out some extra flavour.

Check out the recipe by Simply Recipes here.

Quick Chilli

Everyone has their own take on a good chilli recipe. Some like it hot, some like it on chips, and some prefer it without meat entirely. This recipe we love swaps beef for chorizo and packs a BIG flavour punch.

If you're looking for quick and cheap student meals, add this one to your list. One serving should cost you less than £3 and can be made in just twenty minutes.

Check out the recipe by BBC good food here.

Bangers & Beans in a Pan

This new twist on an old favourite is simple to make, only costs £1.50 per portion, and is perfect winter warmer for the months ahead. This meal scores high on the comfort foods scale - and it doesn’t take a skilled cook to put it together. 

Treat yourself to some good quality sausages and veg and pop it all in a pan to create a nutritious and delicious dish. This crowd-pleaser can be easily doubled or tripled for more guests and can be frozen for later consumption if you have leftovers.

Check out the recipe by BBC Good Food here.

Microwave Shakshuka in a Mug

Speaking of winter warmers, take a culinary trip to Morocco with this easy student meal. Shakshuka combines delicious, easy to find ingredients and is packed full of vitamins and protein.

The genius behind this recipe is in the format you can present it in. Ever been in the situation where you have no clean plates but plenty of mugs? Simply add your shakshuka mix to a mug, crack an egg on top and microwave for two minutes. Ping! Your meal is served! The washing up can wait until tomorrow 😉

Check out the recipe by Bigger Bolder Baking here.

Chicken Curry

Coming only second to fish and chips in the nation’s favourite meals, chicken curry is a versatile dish that can be kept in your freezer for a later date. This recipe is super satisfying to make and combines the very best of Indian flavours.

For this World Food Day, bin off the student discount food found in your campus shop and stock your spice cupboard instead. Homemade curry is both healthier and more affordable than anything you can get in a curry house or supermarket anyway! 

Check out the recipe by Tasty here.

French Toast

French cuisine is revered around the world, but this simple meal has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. French toast (sometimes known as eggy bread) is really affordable and can be either a delicious dessert or a savoury sensation!

This recipe takes about 15 minutes of prep and just 25 minutes of cooking time to make a delicious dinner for two. If you want to turn this main meal into mouth-watering dessert, add some sugar and cinnamon to your bread mix and skip out the vegetables.

Check out the recipe by Nourish Everyday here.

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