The Sheffield Student Guide: Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is one of the busiest areas for Sheffield student housing in the city, with hundreds of residential properties on the side roads and mini-estates to choose from.

The close nature of the street layout means that often small communities spring up amongst students with parties, events and functions being organised with neighbours and friends on the street.

Ecclesall Road is a great area to live as a student due to its great location. If you are a Sheffield Hallam student at Collegiate Campus you are a 5-10 minute walk away and even if you are at City Campus it’s only 15-20 minutes to walk, and there is a free bus that takes students into and out of the city centre.

The University of Sheffield campuses are a little further away – about 20-25 minutes – but are still reachable by the excellent bus links between the city centre and Ecclesall Road.

There is a Tesco halfway up the street for your weekly shopping and there are a number of smaller shops and convenience stores along it for you to use if you really don’t want to go to Tesco. At the foot of Ecclesall Road there is also a Waitrose for if you want to push the boat out with the food shop.

Ecclesall Road has a glut of amazing shopping opportunities including everything from designer clothing to engraved gifts. Shops like Design Studios and Mookau are great for finding unique gifts and items that will make you stand out and can really help turn your student house into a home.

The nightlife on Ecclesall Road is excellent – probably better than the city centre itself – and attracts both students and residents of Sheffield on most nights with its plentiful offerings.

There are plenty of places to drink and many of them cater to the student population. Champs and the Nursery Tavern are great places to drink for a low cost and will become favourite haunts if you decide to live in student accommodation on Ecclesall Road. The Nursery Tavern in particular has an excellent pub quiz that is great entertainment to let your hair down.

The food on offer has a great range to choose from, with popular curry house Ashoka and other classy establishments like Nonna’s, the Mud Crab or the Pointing Dog for those special occasions when the family comes over or for celebrating birthdays. There are also a fair few takeaway’s for when the pubs spill out so you can get your fix of kebab or even fish and chips at the end of the night.

Ecclesall Road isn’t just for Sheffield Hallam accommodation, there are plenty of private landlords and rental opportunities at UniHomes to find your ideal Sheffield student housing, whether it’s on Ecclesall Road or another area of the city.

By Emily Roper (Student at Sheffield Hallam University

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