Six Bedroom Student Houses in Loughborough

A 6-bedroom house in Loughborough is perfect for students who are looking for a busy household with spacious communal living areas. They’re perfect for a large group of mates who want to keep up the communal living vibe. With modern kitchens, large living rooms and even some garden spaces, there’s sure to be somewhere that you can call home.

Wherever you're based in Loughborough, you can easily navigate your way around town – either by foot or public transport. Local amenities, such as bars, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets, are never too far away.

There are 6-bedroom student houses available across the whole of Loughborough, specifically around Ashby.  Forest Road and the Golden Triangle are ideal locations for students looking for a house of six. They're close to both the university and the town centre, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the action. 

Why UniHomes?

With UniHomes, you can look through a wide range of 6-bedroom student houses in Loughborough - with different options available across the city if you reckon you could need a bigger or smaller place. The bonus of using UniHomes is that we sort all of your bills for you. This means that your TV licence, internet, electricity, gas and water bills are completely included in the price that you pay.

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